Anderson Silva Ends Career with a Loss

The 4th Round of Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall at UFC Vegas 12 saw a prominent fighter end his career in failure. It was confirmed weeks ago by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that Anderson Silva would be permitted a final octagon appearance & that his opponent would be Uriah Hall. Four of five rounds unfolded before Anderson Silva was TKO’d by Uriah Hall, prompting Silva’s end in the UFC.

MMA Analysts weren’t expecting that Anderson Silva would dominate over Uriah Hall. His dominance throughout the UFC has been minimal since 2013, which is the moment that Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva for the Middleweight Championship Belt. Silva maintained the title of Middleweight Champion for 2,000+ days. He has the longest winning streak in UFC history, and is a prominent reason why the sport became internationally popular. His last victory would’ve been against Nick Diaz at UFC 183, which was disputed after both fighters had failed their drug tests.

Age Taking Affect

This marks several consecutive losses for Anderson Silva, more than most UFC fighters are ever granted by Dana White. Uriah Hall was awarded three of the four rounds, with Anderson Silva being gifted the 1st round. Silva dropped drastically in speed & ferocity when the third bell rang, where Uriah Hall barraged Anderson with numerous body shots. When ending the 4th round by referee stoppage, Silva was seen holding onto the leg of referee Herb Dean.

After Hall was awarded victory of the competition, Anderson Silva would sit down for interviews. It shows that at 36, Silva doesn’t have the momentum & stamina required to compete in the UFC. It’s subsequently resulted in Silva confirming that UFC Vegas 12 was his last fight under Dana White’s leadership. However, Anderson hinted the possibility of moving to another league like Bellator MMA.

Dana White thinks Anderson Silva foolish for considering a future in professional MMA. The UFC President clarified that what Anderson accomplished throughout his career is legendary, but that it’ll be impossible for him to recapture that status in the future. Most MMA analysts would agree that an ageing Silva cannot sustain more damage in his career.