Chinese Grand Prix Potentially Cancelled

Formula One supporters could lose one of their venues this year with the recent infection of Coronavirus. It’s been confirmed by F1s governing body that they’re determining the associated risk with the Chinese Grand Prix. This evolving situation is being monitored, and if the virus cannot be destroyed before March 1st, all Formula International Association events will be terminated in China. Extreme efforts are being taken to guarantee the prompt destruction of Coronavirus, which means there’s still some hope that this circuit will remain in the 2020 season.

The Chinese Grand Prix is used by multiple variations of motorsport under the FIA. The 1st yearly event in with Formula E on March 21st. That’s why there has been a deadline on March 1st for the decision making process. The Formula International Association confirmed that if termination procedures for the Coronavirus are completed by March 31st, then the Formula Two and Formula One races would continue onwards. Most motorsport analysts are praising this level of the condition by the FIA, even with their event located in Shanghai. This metropolis is 800km away from the Wuhan District, but can still prove to be a concerning location for F1 Drivers and Teammates.

The World Health Organization

Detailed information regarding the Coronavirus has been provided hourly to international reporters. It’s known through Chinese health authority’s association with the World Health Organization, that confirmed cases of Coronavirus have exceeded several thousand citizens of China. These infections have spread through fifteen democratic nations worldwide, including Canada and the United States of America. The World Health Organization is having extensive delegations on Thursday, January 30, 2020. Conversations will determine if Coronavirus is a global health emergency, which would immediately demand the assistance of the world’s best medical scientists. Considering that the Coronavirus has infected less than 1% of the worldwide population, most believe that it won’t be classified as GHE.

The Formula One Association is hoping that outbreak strategies will destroy the Coronavirus. There are also concerns that the FIA might potentially have to terminate the Bahrain Grand Prix and Hanoi Grand Prix, which was slated to have its grand opening throughout 2020. We’ll keep our readers informed of any cancellations to the F1 2020 Calendar. It should be noted that multiple other sporting events have been terminated in the wake of Coronavirus. This included the World Indoor Athletics Championship. Their activity was 500km away from the Wuhan District and has now been postponed for twelve months.