F1 Confirms Grand Prix Without Attendees

Formula One fanatics can rejoice after continuous announcements regarding delays and cancellations. F1 Organizers confirmed that the Hungarian Grand Prix would take place in 2020. However, this venue will be held without the attendance of supporters. Confirmations on the 1st official Grand Prix for the late 2020 season follows after the F1 CEO worked towards revising the calendar. It’s speculated that back-to-back Grand Prix’s will be held at Austria and Silverstone as well.

The refinement of the 2020 Formula One Season was prompted after the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out worldwide, prompt nearly all locations where Grand Prix’s are held to introduce social distancing measures. F1 wasn’t the exclusive sporting association affected by this virus. Organizations like the NBA, MLS, MLB, NFL, and NHL were also forced to cancel their respective seasons as well. Formula One hopes they can be the 1st international motorsport to return to live races, with this dependent on countless factors.

Restricted movements of global civilians have continued to be enforced, with nations like Great Britain and Canada extending their lockdown periods. This prompted the Canadian Grand Prix to be cancelled for 2020, with some motorsport analysts worried that the Silverstone GP Strategy won’t be possible by July. Though it should be noted that British GP Officials confirmed that if Silverstone does take place, it’ll be a closed-door venue similar to Hungary. Those wanting to witness the Hungarian Grand Prix have to wait until August 2nd, with this marking the 35th occasion an F1 race has been held at this location. It’ll mark the 1st time that spectators weren’t permitted.

Refund or Transfer

Officials with the Hungaroring Committee provided a formal statement regarding their announcement. Clarification indicated that they’d waited until the final moment to make their decision, hoping that something would happen to define the difference between spectators being permitted or banned. It was ultimately determined that attendees being prohibited was for the safety of Drivers and F1 Personnel. This statement revealed that anybody who purchased tickets for this year’s venue would be permitted a Transfer or Refund. Selecting the transfer will enable this 2020s tickets to move into 2021.