F1 Developments for 2020 Season

The announcements coming for the 2020 Season of Formula One are being released now. Developments regarding alterations in drivers, tracks, pre-season testing, and rules have begun to be announced. Below we’ve provided insight regarding the three most significant announcements throughout last week. The first notable announcement was released by the FIA earlier this week. Governing over the Formula 1 motorsport, this organization provided the practice and qualifying times for 2020. These scheduled times extend to the circuits themselves, which include the Vietnam and Zandvoort Grand Prix’s. Both of these circuits are brand new to the F1 lineup, with Vietnam being staged at the Hanoi Circuit.

This new race is slated to start at 14:10, with Zandvoort in the Netherlands beginning at 15:10 weeks later. This announcement from the FIA expressed that the United States and British Grand Prix’s will begin an hour then than in 2019. The full list can be viewed in detail under the Formula One official website.

Formula One 2020 Pre-Season Testing

Before any of these upcoming 2020 races can begin, the ten teams operating in F1 must start pre-season testing. Testing will begin in Spain, Barcelona on February 19th. This gives the crews less than four weeks to determine all the significant problems with their 2020 vehicles, as the upcoming season begins on March 15th. The British Broadcasting Company -Sports Edition will be providing live commentary on the testing periods of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull.

It should be noted that this will be the first time that Formula One enthusiasts will see the 2020 designs. Photographers like Kym Illman will showcase First-class pictures of these vehicles. One of the best aspects of the 2020 cars is that drivers are provided with increased control. This applies to the race starts, with drivers managing 90% of the torque going forward. Greater control and command of the clutch paddles are maintained, allowing for more speed down the 1st straight of any race.

Chequered Flag Returning in 2020

The final development that was announced this week regarded the Chequered Flag. Throughout the 2019 season, new regulations were implemented. These rules determined that the flag would be replaced with a light panel, marking the races end to drivers. The last season saw the flag waved once by the former F1 Champion, Jean Alesi. Unfortunately, issues following the Japanese Grand Prix saw the light panel work against the direction of operators. This prompted F1 and the FIA to bring bag the chequered flag, which was confirmed through social media outlets.