F1 has Biggest Attendance Volumes in History

Formula One is the world’s most popular motorsport, with an average of 25+ million watching every race worldwide. However, the attendance levels at their respective venues haven’t seen percentage increases until this year. The FIA confirmed that more than four million spectators had attended the 21+ Grand Prix’s available in their yearly calendar. This is a 1.75% increase from the previous year, even with the cancellation of the Japanese Grand Prix with Typhoon Hagibis. There was also a formidable percentage increase in Paddock Club Ticket Holders, which is the most expensive pass available for any venue. There was a 7.15% rise in Paddock Members, bringing the total to more than 80 thousand.

Three of the Grand Prix’s in this yearly calendar saw an increase of 50,000 spectators. The venues included Great Britain, Australia, and Mexico. Great Britain saw 351,000 attendees, and Mexico saw 345,694 guests to their Grand Prix. When looking at Australia, they had 324,100 individuals attend the Melbourne Grand Prix. These numbers are significantly higher than the attendees in Singapore, Belgium, the USA, Hungary, Italy, and Australia.

Additional Details

Singapore maintained 200 thousand guests, with Austria maintain 203 thousand. The United States had 268 thousand North Americans attend the event, with Belgium displays an attendance record of 251 thousand. Hungary also had an attendance record of 230 thousand, with Austria’s number depleting to 203 thousand. However, the Italian Grand Prix saw their highest weekend attendance to date with more than 200 Spectators.

The circuit that saw the highest increase in attended revenue was the Shanghai International Circuit, which saw a 30% increase in attendance records from 2018. These increased numbers came from the fact that Shanghai held the 1000th Grand Prix. It was a significant historical event for motorsports, which saw genuine fans come to the event from across the globe. The Managing Director of Commercial Operations for Formula One believes this is the best year that has ever occurred historically for the competition. The hope is that with new circuits coming in 2020, those attendance records will continue to grow. Those wanting to watch the Melbourne Grand Prix in 2020 have to wait until March.