Fernando Alonso Praises Talents of George Russell

The Formula One Grid is seeing the return of a two-time champion, which follows after retiring for two years from contention. Previously this driver drove for the likes of Williams, Renault, Scuderia Ferrari, and McLaren. Fans of Formula One know were discussing Fernando Alonso. This Spaniard saw his formal return to F1 last weekend at Imola, testing Renault’s 2018 vehicle after weeks of becoming reacquainted with the manufacturing facility.

Alonso has begun receiving questions from motorsport reporters regarding his thoughts on the current competition, which Alonso believes is fiercer & more robust than ever before. The 2005 & 2006 Formula One Champion for Renault has clarified that George Russell is the most talented driver in the young crowd. That’s multiple champions that’ve praised Russell now, with Lewis Hamilton also supporting George’s growth with Williams in 2019 to 2020.

Fernando Alonso won’t compete in Formula One again with Renault. It was expected that when his contract with Renault was initially announced, the two parties would come together for the third time & work towards acquiring another championship. It’d be confirmed weeks later that Renault had been sold to Alpine Racing, marking another shift for this team since it was created in 1980.

Motorsport Team History

The history of this motorsport team begins with the “Toleman Company” in 1980, with their entrance into Formula One sustaining five years. The motorsport team was then sold to Benetton Racing in 1985. Benneton would maintain their placement in Formula One for fifteen years, acquiring formidable drivers like Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button, Martin Bundle, Gerhard Berger, and Johnny Hebert. Benneton Racing wouldn’t sell their motorsport team until 2000 to Renault F1. This team would sustain another two decades under the Renault branding, which in 2021 will switch to Alpine Racing. Motorsport analysts believe Alpine Racing will be similar to the Toleman Company & sustain a shorter period in Formula One.

Changes in Team Directive

This could mean Fernando Alonso will have to overcome various challenges with Alpine Racing. Their directives could regard profit more than genuine racing, which will evoke the tension between team leaders & drivers. This isn’t what Fernando Alonso is focusing on, instead of expressing other competitors that could preform with Alpine Racing. Alonso would evoke that George Russell is the best option after Esteban Ocon.