Formula One Cancelled Until May 2020

Shocking announcements were made to Formula One Fans throughout the last several days. The most recent came on March 12th, with the Bahrain and Vietnam Grand Prix’s also being cancelled moving forward. Those cancellations follow the already terminated Chinese and Australian Grand Prix’s. During these announcements, the Formula International Association confirmed that delays could extend until May. Regular reviews of the Coronavirus Outbreak will be held to ensure public safety going forward. The necessary cancellations will be made to guarantee the protection of the F1 Community.

Most supporters with Formula One weren’t anticipating that the novel coronavirus would turn into COVID-19, prompting the immediate cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix in February. Those supporters were against shocked when the virus continued to spread, affecting the Melbourne grid. It was confirmed that a McLaren F1 Employee had contracted the novel coronavirus. Drivers like Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen immediately left Australia for their respective homes. It should be noted that both drivers are young fathers and cannot risk exposure.

The Official Statements

Supporters were provided details on this decision through multiple outlets. Those included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the Formula One website. Their remarks noted that the Australian Grand Prix cancellation created immediate concerns for the remaining situation. The ongoing pandemic surrounding COVID-19 prompted Grand Prix Organizers globally to evaluate their respective options to ensure limited exposure. Promoters determined this decision suits the global safety of travelling employees, participants in the championship and supporters that’d purchased tickets. All cancelled Grand Prix’s have provided refunds to those individuals.

Race promoters going forward will work closely with the Formula International Association. It’ll be determined through relevant monitoring tactics what the appropriate steps are to ensure the safety of F1 Communities. Supporters can anticipate the updated season to begin Mid-Mid in the European Union, meaning that multiple Middle Eastern and Asian events will be postponed until the 2021 season. It should be mentioned that all F1 Teams expressed their hope towards the Grand Prix being re-scheduled, with travel restrictions most likely halting any chances of this happening before June 2020. It’s not known how these race promoters are dealing with their respective advertisement contracts, with details being held private until quarterly reports from the FIA. Updated details will be available at Sports Express.