Formula One Considering Multiple Races for Silverstone

The Formula International Association is working with Silverstone organizers to determine if multiple venues should be hosted at the British location. This follows after the Royal Automobile Club, which organizers all events at the Silverstone Circuit, announced that they’d be willing to host multiple venues. RAC Representative also noted that reverse layouts could also be considered under legislative approval. These announcements followed after the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have global implications, with Bernie Ecclestone, have to consider different options with eight Grand Prix’s already being lost.

Representatives with the Royal Automobile Club mentioned on April 1st that FIA organizers had until April 30th to determine if multiple Grand Prix’s should be held at Silverstone. F1 Schedules have the British Grand Prix listed for July 19th. Considering that Great Britain is the powerhouse behind Formula One, sporting analysts believe Bernie Ecclestone and FIA Organizers will support this decision. However, it should be noted that analysts are testing multiple scenarios. This includes extending the 2020 Formula One Season into 2021. Both options could be supported in a singular decision by the F1 CEO.

The Convenience Factor

The Managing Director of Silverstone noted that RAC is willing to implement whatever measures required to assist Formula One. Organizers in F1 are eager to engage with this concept but are first determining what’s best for the overall series. Bernie Ecclestone also has to consider what investors; team owners and drivers want from the 2020 Season. Individuals like Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff will have severe implications over what happens with the 2020 Season. This is because of their close relationship with Bernie Ecclestone, who announced on March 2nd that he’d be expecting a 4th child at the age of 89.

There’d be significant convenience behind moving multiple Grand Prix’s to Silverstone. Several of the ten Formula One teams are operational in Great Britain. It wouldn’t be challenging for the remaining three teams to set up temporary facilities. The Managing Director expressed that Silverstone is one of the limited circuits supporting the required infrastructure for multiple races. The decision ultimately falls on behalf of Bernie Ecclestone.