Horrific Incident at the Bahrain Grand Prix

International audiences were shocked by the unexpected incident involving Romain Grosjean in Formula One. Viewers witnessed Romain’s Haas divert towards the right at 225km/h. His vehicle struck the barriers & pierced through, prompting Romain’s Haas to break apart in half. An explosion followed immediately afterwards & flames engulfed Grosjean, prompting immediate concern that these two consecutive events killed this French native. Cheers would be heard across the paddock & worldwide amongst supporters when Romain Grosjean jumped from his vehicle eighteen seconds later. However, it’d be almost ten minutes before supporters learned that Romain survived this traumatic event.

FIA Medical Personnel demanded that Grosjean attend a local hospital, prompting his immediate departure from Bahrain International Circuit & towards a local military hospital. Pictures were later posted to social media, showing that Romain Grosjean had received prompt healthcare & will heal from his burn injuries.
The Team Boss of Haas spoke with reporters at Bahrain, informing the media that Romain is doing well & that medical advisements regarding his condition cannot be made. Light burns on Romain’s ankles and wrists were confirmed by Guenther Steiner, who afterwards thanked rescue crews that attended to Grosjean’s aid. The recovery timespan seen was incredible.

Eighteen Seconds of Death

Romain Grosjean was barricaded inside the flaming wreckage for eighteen seconds before forcibly removing himself from his Haas. It’s this action that prompted his light burns on the hand & wrist, but subsequently saved his life. Formula One’s Chief Medical Doctor was seen jumping into the flames, reaching desperately from Romain Grosjean & assisting with his removal. Ambulances were on-scene immediately, taking the Haas driver towards helicopter pads in Bahrain. Footage afterwards showed his car had melted & if Grosjean hadn’t left his vehicle after eighteen seconds, there’s no guarantee he would be alive today.