Lebron James Meets Terminally Ill Teenager

Millennials provided a special Christmas wish to Corey Groves, a 17-year-old teenager who is diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer. It’s in stage four with zero changes of remission, meaning the young man has less than a year to live. Corey’s final wish was to meet his favourite football player, Lebron James. This meeting took place on Christmas Day when the Lakers played against the Clippers.

Corey Groves is born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. This Canadian-Native received his wish after a YouTube organization by the name of NELK requested that their fans get onto Lebron’s social media and acquire the meeting. When Nav Bhatia, the Toronto Raptors biggest fan, heard of this news, he immediately used his connections to get Lebron’s attention. Though the NELK Boys started this charity campaign, it was ultimately Nav Bhatia that completed Corey’s wish. Corey Groves found out when Nav showed up to his home in Brampton, which is less than an hour away from Toronto, informing him of the positive news.

Local reporters from the Los Angeles Region spoke with Lebron James at this meeting. Dave McMenamin from ESPN Sports stated that Corey Groves met with Lebron and the remaining Lakers before the walkthrough. Reporters also spoke with Corey, asking him how he lived before the terrible news. He stated that before he became terminally ill, basketball was his main priority. However, Corey noted that this would be his last holiday, and then being able to shake his hero’s hand is the most incredible gift he could ask for under these circumstances.

The Groves Family mentioned that their child admires Lebron James for his talents on and off the court, noting that Corey looked up to this superstar as an icon for his work with first responders and underprivileged children. Numerous fans of Lebron James have praised the professional basketball player and provided their condolences to the Groves Family. Most celebrities don’t take these requests, opting to ignore the grief of others to live in their selfish lifestyles. Moments like these are embodied in time and won’t be forgotten by the Groves Family for generations to come.

The NELK Boys

This action of kindness from Lebron James wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of the Nelk Boys. These comedic group of pranksters and vloggers are infamous to committing criminal actions worldwide. This marked the first instance that they’d ever promoted something positive, instead of drugs or illegal behaviour. Media Outlets have purposely avoided giving these individuals their limelight, as helping their YouTube Page would mean the promotion of this illicit behaviour.