Lewis Hamilton Struggling to Battle Covid-19

Respiratory concerns are likely beginning for Lewis Hamilton after contracting Covid-19 in Bahrain before December 1st. Formula One’s most influential & statistically greatest driver was sustaining mild conditions on December 4th. However, updated information from Mercedes Team Boss Toto Wolff indicates that symptoms have worsened & Hamilton’s state have passed mild.

Lewis Hamilton nears age forty, meaning immune systems are weakening. Fighting against the most prominent virus in decades isn’t easily managed for middle-aged adults. Athletic personalities near this age group have expressed the pain & discomfort associated with Covid, which is being proven with Hamilton in December 2020.

This marks the third driver in Formula One that’s contracted Covid-19, with Sergio Perez being the first & Lance Stroll being second. Confirmations were made by Team Boss Toto Wolff on December 1st, noting that Hamilton began isolating from Bahrain & would be transferred to Abu Dhabi via private helicopter. When questioned on the possibility of Lewis Hamilton competing in the last Grand Prix for Formula One’s 2020 season, Toto Wolff appeared hesitant to make any promises.

December 4th saw Toto Wolff indicate that Lewis Hamilton would have to heal from Covid-19 & pass two consecutive tests with negative results before being permitted for competition. When accounting that Hamilton’s condition worsened over the nights of December 4th to 5th, Toto Wolff suggesting it’s feasible for Lewis to return is unlikely. This means that replacement driver George Russel would compete for Mercedes in the final two races.

No More Lewis

Sentiments from Wolff noted that multiple athletic personalities have struggled to overcome Covid-19, sustaining their infections for prolonged periods & being unable to compete in their respective sport. Lewis Hamilton could be a similar situation, which is horrible for the seven-time champion upon contract renewal. George Russell performing at Hamilton’s level could ruin all bargaining incentives that Lewis sustains. More & More, it appears Lewis Hamilton won’t drive in 2021.