Liverpool Needs to Improve to Boost Hopes for Title

Fabinho has recently told reporters that the Liverpool football club needs to find solutions to overcome deep-defending clubs after their recent dip in performance. The Reds’ push for the title in the Premier League has slowed down by successive draws, with Manchester City as the reigning champions only three points behind them.

Leicester City and West Ham United have both managed to frustrate Liverpool within a space of a week. It is for this reason that Fabinho stated that certain adjustments are required to maintain their lead in the Premier League.

Fabinho’s Comments on Liverpool

“We have loads of confidence,” the right-back for Liverpool stated. “We enjoyed a sensational December that was near perfect, but we are currently experiencing a dip that needs to be rectified.

“It’s nearly impossible to explain how this happened to us. I think the teams we are playing against now are sitting extremely deep. Therefore, we need to do things differently, and perhaps we aren’t achieving this at the moment as we are unable to find the necessary spaces.

“Usually, we want to attack through the middle, and this becomes quite a problem against defensive and physically strong clubs. We seriously need to find solutions, but in the last few matches, we haven’t.”

Liverpool in the Premier League

Manchester City managed to return to the top of the league after they beat Everton in a 2-0 victory on Wednesday night. However, the Reds have a game in hand as they will host Bournemouth on Saturday at Anfield.

“We want to be more superior when it comes to football every single day. However, this is not currently happening at the moment,” Fabinho stated. “We are well aware of our quality, but we are also aware that we can do much better.

“If we can improve on our quality, we will maintain our lead in the Premier League. However, talking about it and actually implementing it are two different things. Personally, I’m not too stressed about it. However, we understand that we have to give more in our next game to succeed.

“Defeating Bournemouth is vital if we wish to maintain our 3-point lead. We are only looking at the next match, and we have our eyes set on beating Bournemouth.

“After this weekend, there are loads of difficult matches we need to conquer. Fortunately, we will have a few key players back, allowing the manager more options during these games.”

James Milner has also stated that Liverpool should actually enjoy their time at the top of the table instead of seeing it as a burden. Milner, who has claimed two league winner medals when he was at Manchester City is well aware of the pressure that goes with a title race in the Premier League.

Obviously, there’s still a long way to go before the season comes to an end. However, if Liverpool can make the necessary changes to their squad, they should be able to win this year.