Mattia Binotto Speaks for Sebastian Vettel

Disturbances between Mattia Binotto & Sebastian Vettel have been evident since Scuderia Ferrari changed their team principals in 2018. Working difficulties between the two men have increased in recent months, which follows after Mattia Binotto purposely avoided Sebastian Vettel’s SF1000 with required upgrades. It resulted in Vettel regularly placing P11 to P14 in the majority of Formula One’s 2020 campaign, which is irregular for the four-time champion. Changes in Vettel’s pace have been seen since the Turkish Grand Prix, where he placed P3 after overtaking his teammate in the second-final corner. Following this singular victory for Sebastian Vettel, Mattia Binotto believes that the German champion is pleased with the SF1000s performance.

Mattia Binotto isn’t the exclusive factor that’s resulted in Scuderia Ferrari performing worse in 2020. The Covid-19 Pandemic ravished Italy’s countryside, which is where Ferrari’s manufacturing facilities are located. Large percentages of employed personnel couldn’t attend their jobs & perform required duties, resulting in vehicle performance dropping significantly.

Covid-19 has become to lighten worldwide, with nations learning methods to social distance & contact trace without substantial outbreaks. It’s enabled for Scuderia Ferrari to resume their manufacturing schedules, which supported Sebastian Vettel receiving multiple upgrades before the Turkish Grand Prix. Vettel doesn’t need to worry about his back end sliding anymore, or the downforce being incorrectly positioned. Subsequently, the champion skillsets of Sebastian Vettel are being shown towards the latter-end of 2020s campaign.

Champ Isn’t Gone Yet

Supporters were shown by Sebastian Vettel that he maintains the required skillsets to perform at champion levels, which dedicated fans hope will return for Vettel with his move to Aston Martin Racing in 2021. When considering that Sebastian is moving to Aston Martin next season, it’s not surprising that Mattia Binotto would work towards creating a better image between Vettel & Scuderia Ferrari. However, Vettel emphasis that continued improvements could be sustained on his SF1000.

It doesn’t matter what Sebastian Vettel or Mattia Binotto think of each other, with Scuderia Ferrari receiving the best result possible at Turkey. Sebastian Vettel came out P3 & Charles Leclerc took P4, creating Ferrari’s highest points for the 2020 campaign.