Mercedes F1 Car Copied by Racing Point

Formula One Testing has begun in Barcelona, with supporters and motorsport experts getting their first look at the capabilities of new F1 Cars. Throughout the 2nd day of testing, nine outfits were shocked to notice that Racing Point’s new vehicle for 2020 is identical to Mercedes AMG-Petronas’s 2010 championship car. Comparisons between the RP20 and W10 are uncanny, with Racing Point receiving a noticeable boost in speed. Sergio Perez maintained the highest lap times during the 2nd day of testing, which comes through the unique suspension layout that was directly copied from Mercedes. Eight teams expressed their concern for this level of comparison, claiming that the FIA should ban the RB20 before March 15th.

The Technical Chief of Development for Racing Point, Andy Green, provided insight to motorsport reporters regarding the similarities. Green revealed that Racing Point has exclusively used the wind tunnel operated by Mercedes, while also expanding their customer-acquisition deal with AMG-Petronas. Andy Green noted that under these two conditions, both the transmission and engine components used for the W10 were implemented into the RB20. This extends to last years suspension, not the newly formed D-AXIS Suspension created by Mercedes for 2020. Andy’s statements explained that the testing procedures and tools at this wind tunnel are tailored to Mercedes-designed F1 cars. It made the most sense for Racing Point to follow their 2019 concepts.

Andy Green finished these remarks by noting that numerous elements of the RB20 have been restructured, making it different from the Mercedes W10. Formula One Teams and their group of motorsport experts immediately noticed minimal changes, expressing to various outlets that the difference for the RB20 is purely aesthetics. The internals remain identical, with Sergio Perez maintaining a pace faster than Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. This would’ve been impossible for Perez in 2019.

The Stroll Family Controversy

There’s been continuous controversy surrounding the Stroll Family, who originates from Canada. They’ve spent exponential sums of money to acquire championship contention in Formula One, often breaking the respect and unexpressed rules between various outfits in this motorsport. It’s prompted for Lance Stroll, the son of Lawrence Stroll, to become one of the most hated drivers on the grid. The RB20 will add to the increasing level of hatred towards this family, who have been urged by experts to leave Formula One. It’s ultimately impossible for drivers like Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez to compete with the likes of Lewis Hamilton.