Mercedes is Dominating Formula One in 2019

Lewis Hamilton recently stated that Mercedes could not be blamed for their excellent start in the 2019 Formula 1 season that has primarily been a one-sided affair. Lewis Hamilton assisted Mercedes to claim their fifth successive one-two finish during the Spanish Grand Prix. This inflicted more damage to Ferrari, a team that is losing grip on a two-way fight with Mercedes.

The 2019 Formula One Season for Mercedes

The performance showcased by Ferrari during offseason testing gave the impression that they would be competitive in the 2019 Formula 1 season. However, it hasn’t been the case over the last few months, and it appears that the Italian team have fallen behind Mercedes since the 2019 campaign started. Mercedes continue to win at every race, while Red Bull and Ferrari keep falling behind.

Unless Ferrari can make a remarkable comeback, it looks like Mercedes will claim their sixth consecutive ’constructor’s championship in 2019, a run that stretches back to the introduction of the V6 turbo engines that were introduced in 2014. This achievement will match the incredible record set by the Italian team between 1999 and 2004.

Lewis Hamilton has stated on numerous occasions throughout his career with Mercedes that although he enjoys winning, he wants to a lot more from his rivals in terms of competition. He also stated that staying focused is relatively easy these days. However, it’s far more entertaining for him when he needs to compete against another team. This is what Formula One is all about.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton was recently asked if he can win all 21 races this season with Mercedes. He replied that he doesn’t know. Both he and the Mercedes team didn’t realize that they would enter the season and win five consecutive races which were astonishing for everyone in the organization.

The entire Mercedes team works incredibly hard to ensure everything is perfect for every single race. Nobody in the organization is overconfident, and there are always discussions about the car and the improvements that can be made to make it even more remarkable around the track. The Mercedes team is the most reliable team in Formula 1 and the moment and thanks to all the races, it shows.

The Mercedes team continues to push the needle and push the benchmark to do better every single season. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why fans are so happy with the overall performance by Mercedes.

It’s just a shame that no other team currently provides any competition for Mercedes at the moment. We would hate to see Mercedes run away with the season so early on without anyone giving fans a genuinely nail-biting season to look forward to. Let’s hope this changes quickly.