Montreal Canadian Defenceman Retires

Retirement is inevitable for athletes, with the body ageing and losing its former stamina. This has extended towards one of the most infamous defencemen with the Montreal Canadians. Andrei Markov at forty-one years of age announced that he’d be retiring from professional hockey immediately. This ends a career that began in Russia, extending towards an additional sixteen seasons with the Montreal Canadians.

History Explained

Andrei Markov stands at one of the longest-standing players in National Hockey League history. He’s experienced 990 Regular-Season Games, with that number extending with the inclusion of the Stanley Cup Series and Andrei’s time in Russia. The last three seasons of his career was maintained with the Continental Hockey League, where be played with another notable legend by the name of Yaroslavl.

When Andrei Markov still competed with the Montreal Canadians, he stood at their 162nd Overall Pick. The coaching staff would place Andrei on the 1st lineup by 2000, where Markov would compete until 2017. Throughout the 2000-2002 Seasons with the Montreal Canadians, Andrei Markov also played with the American Hockey League’s Quebec Citadels. This infamous capabilities of this defencemen garnered him the title of NHL All-Star twice. It followed after acquiring 119 goals throughout his 990 games, with 572 Points earned in the Montreal Canadians Uniform. There aren’t any other NHL defencemen with this stature.

Representatives & Coaching Staff with the Montreal Canadians expressed their sentiments towards Andrei Markov retiring. They expressed their thanks for his notable career with the Canadians, which followed into the Continental Hockey League in Russia. These individuals mentioned that his legendary status is unforgettable for MC Supporters.

Andrei’s History Continued

This defenceman averaged twenty-three minutes of playtime throughout 990 matches. This means that throughout his NHL career, more than 22+ thousand hours were played on the ice. These valuations extend even further when accounting his time with other teams. It’s formally expected that the NHL Hall of Fame will induct Andrei Markov into their ranks. The defencemen already stand under the Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame, which stems from his time with the Quebec Capitals. It’s also expected that Russia will induct him into their Hall of Fame, with Andrei Markov acquiring the communist regime a World Hockey Championship title in 2008.