New York Yankees on Sign-Stealing Problems in MLB

Major League Baseball has experienced their most prominent allegations of cheating in history. This follows after the Houston Astros were found implementing sign-stealing technologies, giving them a huge advantage over the competition. It resulted in them winning the World Series in 2017. It’s now being revealed that other team in Major League Baseball had suspected that the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox had been cheating for time. Brain Cashman from the New York Yankees informed MLB reporters that they’d been implementing techniques to stop sign-stealing from opposing organizations. The Yankee’s general manager engaged every tactic possible to limit the stealing of signs, with evolutions in their strategies increasing to account for cheating opponents. Information regarding sign-stealing followed after Mike Fiers became the whistleblower, with him previous playing for the Houston Astros.

Brain Cashman didn’t express the extent of their protection that the New York Yankees had in the 2017 campaign. This was when the Houston Astros had most actively implemented their sign-stealing protocols, which remained active throughout the last two seasons. Information revealed after these allegations noted that the Boston Red Sox had cheated their way to the 2018 World Series victory. This would mean two organizations cheated their way to success, with the Yankee’s failing for two consecutive seasons. Brain Cashman can’t help but feel that Major League Baseball should strip the world championship titles from 2017/2018.

The Frustration Grows

Multiple individuals connected to the New York Yankees have expressed their disappointment to the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox. This follows after they’d been eliminated the last three seasons, twice by the Houston Astros and once by the Boston Red Sox. Both teams cheated their ways into defeating the New York Yankees. This prompted Aaron Boone, the Head Manager for the Yankees, to demand greater enforcement from governing officials in the Major League Baseball association. Boone demanded that significant steps be taken to ensure clean and fair games amongst competitors. Hopefully MLB associates will take Aaron Boone’s advice and finally put an end to cheating in baseball. It should be noted that cheating with steroids, illegal baseball bats and illegal gloves have previously occurred in MLB history.

There hasn’t been any confirmation that the Houston Astros or Boston Red Sox will be stripped of their world championship titles. MLB Associates must act quickly to enforce fairer gameplay amongst athletes, especially after their considerable battle against Bernie Sanders and Minor League Baseball.