Pogba and Rashford Key Beneficiaries for Manchester United

During his playing career, Solskjaer became known as a ‘super-sub’ as he had the ability to come off the bench and change a match to devastating effect. In fact, he was considered three elite football players in one. He was good enough to enjoy long stretches as both a playmaker and a starting striker from the right flank.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Manchester United’s immense improvement since he arrived as a caretaker has been based on attack which included the three roles he once played with the best distinction. The forwards in the United squad have been the primary beneficiaries for Solskjaer, placing immense pressure on the ball as well as a desire to push the ball forward whenever possible. The supporters at Old Trafford that have wanted the team to attack has finally been answered.

Manchester United’s Recent Victories

Some will say that United’s six consecutive victories, five in the Premier League and one in the third round of the FA Cup, occurred against inferior teams, including Reading, Newcastle, Bournemouth, Huddersfield, and Cardiff. However, those people must realize that the manner in which United swept through these teams, where they scored 16 goals and only conceded three, is what is expected from a top-tier squad.

Thanks to Solskjaer, the Manchester United squad instantly look like a team that can finish in the top 4 by the end of the Premier League season. The current caretaker has emphasised that he is more interested than just the attack and is well aware that the defence also needs to be improved. However, it’s the forward areas where the team has the best natural ability.

Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba

The best development in the Manchester United team is undoubtedly Marcus Rashford. He is an England international that the country hasn’t seen in a very long time. He has the ability to play as a lone striker through the middle and has the footwork and acceleration of a phenomenal winger. This blend of attributes can make him the most dangerous forward in the Premier League and after scoring a much-needed goal against Tottenham this past weekend, it looks like he will become that player this season. Solskjaer trusts Rashford when it comes to delivering in dead-ball situations and staying calm in front of the box.

Another key player in the Manchester United team is certainly Paul Pogba. Since Solskjaer arrived at Old Trafford, Pogba has managed to score four times and offered three assists. You can even see that his energy levels have improved greatly since Mourinho left the squad. Pogba suddenly has the necessary movement to play at his best and he is making far better decisions on the pitch of late. Solskjaer has given Pogba more freedom on the pitch and it’s certainly working to his advantage as Pogba is playing like never before in the 2018/19 season. Although the future is still uncertain for Manchester United, it’s certainly brighter than before thanks to the forwards.