Prema Racing Signs Arthur Leclerc

The Ferrari Driver’s Academy has selected Arthur Leclerc for a position in Formula Regional. Prema Racing confirmed this announcement, with the younger brother of Charles Leclerc being signed after graduating the Ferrari Junior Program. Notable moments in this family’s history include Charles becoming the youngest professional racer to win a Grand Prix, which occurred at Belgium in 2019. Arthur Leclerc has a considerable level of training before he can obtain placement in Formula 2 for Prema Racing, where Mick Schumacher currently resides.

Arthur Leclerc became a noticeable driver for Prema Racing after being positioned to join Sauber Junior. The nineteen-year-old driver competed in the 2019 FDA Trails, ultimately racing in the German Formula Four circuit. He’d acquire several podiums in his first stint in F4 and place third in the championship standings. This prompted the promotion to Formula Regional, with his next stop being F2. The Ferrari Driver’s Academy maintains nine drivers in their lineup. Those individuals include Mick Schumacher, Giuliano Alesi, Callum Illot, Enzo Fittipaldo, Gianluca Petecof, Robert Schwartzman, Marcus Armstrong and Dino Beganovic. Subsequently, this young competitor has considerable competitor, unlike his brother Charles.

Prema Racing

The Technical Director for the Ferrari Driver Academy confirmed this announcement. Marco Matassa expressed that his organization is pleased to welcome Arthur Leclerc and Dino Beganovic to the academy. Marco said that their lineup of drivers would compete across four variations of Formula racing. This includes Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula Regional and Formula Four. Matassa noted that this would be one of the most competitive seasons to date with the Ferrari Driver Academy/Prema Racing. Ultimately, the objective of the academy is to assist these individuals in their growth and success in racing.

The Sporting Director with the Ferrari Driver Academy also spoke during the press release announcement. He said to reporters that they’re always scouting for the most talented drivers in lower-league racing. Laurent Mekies noted that Arthur and Dino were the best of their respective categories. Going forward, this academy maintains two drivers in each single-seat FIA league. Supporting their growth as racing drivers and educational development as individuals is the primary purpose of signing on with this academy. It’s expected that Arthur Leclerc will inevitably make it to Formula Two and potentially Formula One.

The Challenges

Arthur Leclerc will struggle to obtain a placement with Prema Racing in the next two years for Formula Two. Mick Schumacher currently drives with this organization, with his development as a racing driver being more critical than any other. This is because of his relation to Michael Schumacher. Even though Arthur is related to Charles Leclerc, he can’t hope to overcome the popularity of Mick Schumacher. Subsequently, until Schumacher can obtain a seat in Formula One, don’t expect to see Arthur Leclerc in Formula Two.