Sebastian Vettel Contract Details Released

The 2021 Formula One season is looking exciting for dedicated followers of the sport. Two teams are being rebranded, with Racing Point turning into “Aston Martin F1 Racing” and Renault turning into “Alpine F1 Team”. This news alone was enough to excite supporters for the upcoming season, which support a conventional schedule & timeframe. However, contract announcements regarding Sebastian Vettel have been made since September 6th. It’s been revealed that the German driver has signed a long-term contract with Aston Martin for 2021. The news has been celebrated by F1 supporters worldwide and marks a new era in the four-time champion’s career.

Details regarding Sebastian Vettel’s contract with Aston Martin have been revealed. Vettel’s role will extend beyond “Driver”, inevitably leading towards a corporate position in the team. This could mean Sebastian Vettel is becoming the Aston Martin Team Boss after his tenure as a driver. These details come after Sebastian expressed at the Mugello Grand Prix that working with Aston Martin is a long-term goal. Lawrence Stroll & Sebastian Vettel hope their cooperation will lead towards this teams inevitably front-row placements.

Sebastian Vettel is taking a notable salary decrease with Aston Martin F1 Racing. The German was previously paid €45 Million with Scuderi Ferrari. That valuation is decreasing to €15 Million for a base salary, with raises possible if contention for first row placements becomes a common scenario for Vettel. Taking a notable salary decrease has likely stressed Sebastian Vettel, enforcing a more limited lifestyle. However, Vettel expressed that payment is immeasurable in-comparison to doing what he loves.

Podium Contention for Vettel

Retired F1 drivers have supported the announcement of Sebastian moving to Aston Martin, including Ralf Schumacher. The cousin to Michael Schumacher believes that combining the speed & strengths of Sebastian Vettel with Aston Martin will account for a massive step in F1’s history. Ralf noted that this announcement benefits the podium, seasonal standings, and will likely challenge Mercedes AMG-Petronas in ways they’d never expect. The reality is nobody can anticipate how Sebastian Vettel will perform with Aston Martin F1 Racing. Supporters have to wait until the German four-time champion hits Free Practice in the opening round of 2021.