Sports Movies That Inspires

Sports are a great way to enjoy both physical and mental health and while these facts should be more than efficient in motivation every human to get active, sometimes that extra push to give us the last bit of motivation often comes from the most unexpected. Several great films have inspired many to get into active gear, while some movies have inspired some of the top sports stars to reach new levels. Here are some of the most inspirational sports films well worth watching:


For many, this film finally answered their wish to see an A-listed film based on martial arts. Director Gavin O’Connor succeeds in following up his inspiring triumph of the film Miracle with a film created with equal motivation and emotional tug in Warrior, a film in which he solidifies himself as probably one of the best sports movie creators. Brilliant directing allows him to take a relatively marginal ordinary sport in MMA and make it into an embracing and engaging experience for all viewers, whether they’re sports enthusiasts or not. Released only on the 9th of September it is already classed as one of the Top Inspirational Sports Films.


A small-time boxer from Philadelphia and the telling of his classic tale of how he was given a chance to fight in the heavyweight championship of the world, shows anyone in sports that once in a lifetime chance can materialize when you least expect it. For many sports professionals and viewers, Rocky remains at the top of the list when it comes to inspiration in any sports. Therefore, there is no denial that Rocky is the most inspirational film of all times.

The Karate Kid

Daniel LaRusso needs to adapt to a new school in Los Angeles after he and his single mother move cross-country. He instantly becomes a victim as the new kid of bullying and is targeted due to his affection for the most popular girl. Eventually, he forms a bond with Mr Miyagi, his neighbour who gives him lessons. In the end, it is LaRusso that triumphs over his challenger in the karate tournament even when the bully’s mentor encourages unethical and cheap tactics. The film is both an inspiration to kids been bullied as well as motivating youngsters to participate in sports.


Miracle is based on America’s biggest sports moments in history, starting off with the Winter Olympics of 1980, where the American team was clearly the underdogs and the Soviets dominated. It about a nation inspired their home-team to pull off one of the biggest upsets in sports history on their way to the gold medal. It is one of the films that shows the power of teamwork and being supported.

The Rookie

It is based on a true story and tells the tale of the baseball coach and science teacher who would never have a chance of playing baseball due to circumstances when they were younger. Encouraged by the students and small community, Kim Morris, now 35 years-of-age tries out at the camp of the Major League and is offered the opportunity to pitch for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, empowered to follow his dreams he gets the change to spend no less than two seasons in the MLB.