Toto Wolff Discusses Ferrari’s Failures

The Mercedes AMG-Petronas Team Boss has targeted Ferrari during a Belgium GP press conference. Toto Wolff evoked that Scuderia Ferrari’s performance for 2020 isn’t good enough for Formula One and that there are specific members of the Italian organization are responsible for their downfall. It’s undeniable that Scuderia Ferrari has become worse than imaginable, with teams like Alpha Tauri outpacing both Charles Leclerc & Sebastian Vettel. George Russel from Williams was +0.207 away from overtaking Vettel from P14.

The Tifosi Gang are notably disappointed with Scuderia Ferrari, with most Italian & international supporters believing that Charles Leclerc could content Lewis Hamilton for the 2020 F1 Championship. The differences between Scuderia Ferrari in 2020 & 2019 are extensive, with the Belgium Grand Prix being Leclerc’s first victory in Formula One during the 2019 Campaign. This year Charles is battling to maintain a position higher than P10.

Charles Leclerc obtaining P13 & Sebastian Vettel garnering P14 marks the lowest point in Scuderia Ferrari’s history over the last two decades. Toto Wolff was notable upset that known members amongst the F1 Paddock are purposely destroying the Ferrari F1 Team. Wolff mentioned that since the 1950s, Scuderi Ferrari has been an iconic brand in the Formula One community & should be competing regularly for podium contention. Wolff evoked that when Scuderi Ferrari performs poorly, it’s horrendous for the overall motorsport. Mercedes Team Boss would issue his sympathies towards the Tifosi Gang & employed workforces at Ferrari’s Italian facilities.

Is It Mattia Binotto?

Toto Wolff then mentioned that priorities of specific individuals in Scuderia Ferrari had changed drastically since the COVID-19 pandemic, and their lack of performance comes directly from this individual. Toto’s statements lead towards Mattia Binotto, the Team Boss of Scuderia Ferrari. Mattia is hated amongst the Tifosi Gang after Binotto replaced Maurizio Arrivabene. It appears that Binotto is purposely limiting what performance capabilities are given to Scuderia Ferrari, which follows suit with Mattia’s character since becoming Team Boss on January 7th, 2019.

If Mattia Binotto is the individual that’s purposely limiting the pace of Scuderia Ferrari, his position as Team Boss will likely be lost for the 2021 F1 Season. It’d be a highly welcomed decision amongst the Formula One paddock & Tifosi Gang.