Washington Captains Goaltender Facing Open Heart Surgery

Medical conditions have sustained unexpected losses for the Washington Capitals. An announcement was issued by this prominent NHL team, with Henrik Lundqvist being confirmed unavailable for the 2020-21 season. It follows after Lundqvist will sustain open heart surgery in the coming weeks. Medical personnel providing care for this goaltender notified Henrik that athletic training & competition wouldn’t be permitted for twelve months. His heart wouldn’t have the strength needed to pump blood throughout his body safely. For supporters of the Washington Capitals, this announcement is upsetting. It’s unexpected that Washington’s second lineup goaltender will replace Henrik Lundqvist for the 2021-21 season. Its possible the Washington Capitals could elect another goaltender during the extended signing period. Details regarding which strategy will be enforced hasn’t bee issued.

An official statement regarding his unexpected sidelining was released by Henrik Lundqvist. He mentioned that since December 1st, his focus shifted from training & the upcoming season towards the upcoming surgery. Lundqvist noted he’s aware of what’s physically possible & what isn’t. His sentiments ended by mentioning everyone has climbed personal mountains in 2020, that we’ve all had to find positivity & begin the road towards recovery. Lundqvist knows it’s his turn now.

Possible Retirement

Details regarding the open-heart surgery procedure have been issued by the Washington Capitals. Henrik Lundqvist will receive an “Aortic Valve Replacement, Aortic Root, and an Ascending Aortic Replacement”. This indicates that blockage in Lundqvist was reaching severe volumes, and that his heart doesn’t have the natural strength needed any longer to pump blood at normal percentages.

Some speculate that Henrik Lundqvist will retire before the 2021-22 NHL Season begins. He’s sustained sixteen seasons in the National Hockey League, with fifteen of them being for the New York Rangers. He’d sign with the Washington Capitals in 2019 before the pandemic unfolded. His career included 1000+ regular season entries, with his legacy likely not being forgotten in the NHL for years to come.