What True Sports Means to Americans

The USADA commission did a survey to better understand what US citizens believe about the significance and the role of sport in a modern society. The survey also offered access to the views of the public on sports aspirations, role models, values and ethics.

During the survey over three-fifths, equal to one hundred and sixty-two million, of adult Americans claimed to be part of sport-related activities or some relationship with sport. When describing their dreams and hopes for their children in sports, parents cite social and personal values that were almost overwhelming. Coaches ranked as the number one positive influence in youth sports, and two-thirds of adult Americans agreed that the importance of winning is overemphasized in sports.

Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs Ranked as The Most Serious Problem in Sports

What was ranked by almost all Americans part of the survey as the most serious problem in sports was the use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes, which were closely followed by criminal behaviour by top athletes and the focus on money.

The significance of Sports in Society

For Americans, sports play a major part in everyday living, and over two-thirds of adults in the US claimed to be actively involved with sports in some way, while around 25% actively participates as volunteers, parents of children or participate in sport themselves.
Most of all adults agree that sports offer society an array of positive benefits, more than 88% voted sports as a source of enjoyment and fun, 84% voted that sports reduce youth delinquency and crime, while 80% voted it strengthens the community and brings individuals together and when asked if sports promotes positive values, 76% voted yes.

Top Sports Icons & Their Importance in Sports Future

About half of the adults in the US agree that professional athletes influence the youth in a positive way and 90% agree that all professional sportsman and women have a responsibility as role models. Younger athletes get most of their high-performance expectations from top athletes. It is very negative when role models break the rules as children might think of it as acceptable once their icons are taking enhancements to accomplish phenomenal sports achievements. Once younger athletes advance into their youth their role models change from being parents, teammates or coaches to university students, college athletes or professional sportsmen and women, while it is also the age at which teens are more willing to experiment.

The Value & Importance of Sport

Based on the above-mentioned finding as well as other questions part of the survey, the importance of sport in the American society is reinforced and cherished. US citizens recognise the potential of sport in promoting virtues and building character. As a society the value sports add to everyday life is recognised and in general, a sophisticated understanding is shown for the effect bending or breaking the rules means while performance-enhancing drugs are seen as a major violation by an overwhelming percentage of the community.