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We are Recruiting Sports-Minded Entrepreneurs

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Are you passionate about community sports?
A life-changing business opportunity!
New regions are now available across North America.

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Become Your Community Coach

SportsXpress is a high quality magazine that is all about local sports. We publish real life stories on the full range of community sports including all ages and skill levels.

We are scouting for individuals who are interested in owning a profitable publishing business in the community sports market.

This is a unique concept that provides a turnkey publishing system combined with ongoing training and support. If you like sports, this business can be a lot of fun, and a life-changing career!


  • Passion for sports
  • Strong people skills
  • Small financial investment

Are you ready to get in the game?

Please contact SportsXpress Franchise Development
[email protected]

The Franchise Program

The SportsXpress Franchise Program provides a local sports enthusiast an opportunity to operate their own business in franchise with an experienced support team, in a virtually untapped Canadian market.

The primary role of the Associate/Partner is to develop their local market, service the sports organizations and ultimately sell sports marketing services, local advertising and sponsorship ad’s into the magazine and on the web.

SportsXpress Associate/Franchise is a unique business partnership that shares a common goal– A passion for Community Sports and operating a profitable business that is Win-Win.

SportsXpress emphasizes associate leadership and the importance of individual businesses and the partner may choose to operate the sportsxpress business full time, part time or along side a complimentary business.

SportsXpress believes that there must be a Win-Win relationship in order to have a mutually beneficial partnership. SportsXpress offers a unique business formula and system that shares the business risk while rewarding the operating partner. SportsXpress offers a unique culture of teamwork and cooperation for the sports minded Associate/Partner.


If you are interested in more information about our unique franchise opportunities, please complete the application form below.

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