Premier League Pressured to Financially Support Clubs

Britain’s Parliament has increased their demands onto the Premier League on September 27th. It follows after the Premier League continued requesting government financial aid to sustain lower-division clubs. These requests angered Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, with financial assistance issued from the government during COVID-19 meant to assist civilians & not sporting associations. In response, Britain’s government has demanded that the Premier League financially assistant lower-division clubs.

The Premier League have refused these demands for weeks, with the most recent forcing EFL Executives to schedule a virtual meeting for September 29th. Discussions will be held regarding the possibility of EFL financially supporting 72 football clubs in three divisions across England.

English Football League data suggests that £200 Million will be lost amongst these 72 clubs, under the conditions that supports aren’t permitted to enter stadiums across England. Earlier in September, Prime Minister Boris Johnson allowed for supporters to return to British football stadiums in small numbers. COVID-19 cases quickly grew, with a large percentage arriving from children returning to school & bringing the virus back home.

The rise of cases forced Boris Johnson to close-off football stadiums to supporters for a 2nd time. Fears regarding COVID-19 caused the Prime Minister to announce that football fans can’t return to stadiums until the earliest of October 31st. This decision eliminates the critical component of revenue for 72 football clubs.

The Secretary Urges Caution

Great Britain’s Secretary of Culture, Oliver Dowden, spoke on the situation regarding professional football obtaining revenue from supporters. Dowden clarified that the government is continually reviewing COVID-19 cases. After infections reach low numbers, supporters will likely be permitted at 25% occupancy.

Oliver Dowden urged caution to Britain’s population, reflecting that the coronavirus works differently than any viral infection beforehand & that outbreaks will continue if entertainment services are reopened promptly. Oliver Dowden believes that the overwhelming majority of Britain’s population agreed with shutting down stadiums again and that rising cases is more concerning that enjoy professional football.

What happens next is likely the Premier League being forced to financially support the lower-bracket clubs for 2020, 2021, and potentially 2022. An official announcement won’t probably come for weeks.

Vettel’s Knowledge to Benefit Racing Point

After Lawrence Stroll provided Sebastian Vettel for an employment contract with Aston Martin Racing in 2021, the Formula One community weren’t remotely shocked. It’d been a widely discussed rumour for months that Lawrence Stroll would partner his son, Lance Stroll, with Sebastian Vettel. It’d be the perfect opportunity for Lance to learn from F1s statistically 2nd best driver.

Lawrence & Lance have both praised what Sebastian Vettel will bring to Aston Martin Racing, which is called Racing Point for the 2020 season. Now Racing Points Team Boss, Otmar Szafnauer, has praised Vettel & stated he’ll assist the rebranded Aston Martin in 1000 different ways.

Sebastian Vettel being offered a contract from Lawrence Stroll wasn’t surprising. What shocked the Formula One community was his removal from Scuderia Ferrari, and the abrupt way that Mattia Binotto terminated the four-time champion. Vettel had been promised continued employment with Scuderia Ferrari, where he’d be informed before the 2020 F1 Campaign began, that his drivers’ seat wouldn’t be needed at Ferrari. Replacing Sebastian Vettel is Carlos Sainz.

Otmar Szafnauer questioned on Vettel influence

When questioned on how he believes Sebastian Vettel’s influence over Aston Martin will playout, Otmar Szafnauer remarked that the four-time champion will raise their rebranding team to another level & a thousand different things will assist in improving our growth. Otmar declared that Sebastian Vettel will bring a work ethic associated to world champions, and that it’s something everything at Racing Point will want to learn.

Otmar Szafnauer finalized his statements by clarifying everyone at Racing point have to become better & that Vettel will assist Lance Stroll in a mentorship position. Otmar remarked that Sebastian is fast & young, and that Lance can learn a great deal from Vettel. Sentiments moved towards how Vettel’s presence will influence Racing Point (Aston Martin Racing in 2021), which is possible through his four world champions & 53 Grand Prix victories.

It should be clarified that in selecting Sebastian Vettel, Racing Point have parted ways with Mexico’s Sergio Perez. This is the man who turned over his team and ensured it’s survival after the former owner of Racing Point was found in-connection to the Panama Papers. Lawrence Stroll disembarking from Sergio Perez has been widely criticized as disrespectful.

Sebastian Vettel Contract Details Released

The 2021 Formula One season is looking exciting for dedicated followers of the sport. Two teams are being rebranded, with Racing Point turning into “Aston Martin F1 Racing” and Renault turning into “Alpine F1 Team”. This news alone was enough to excite supporters for the upcoming season, which support a conventional schedule & timeframe. However, contract announcements regarding Sebastian Vettel have been made since September 6th. It’s been revealed that the German driver has signed a long-term contract with Aston Martin for 2021. The news has been celebrated by F1 supporters worldwide and marks a new era in the four-time champion’s career.

Details regarding Sebastian Vettel’s contract with Aston Martin have been revealed. Vettel’s role will extend beyond “Driver”, inevitably leading towards a corporate position in the team. This could mean Sebastian Vettel is becoming the Aston Martin Team Boss after his tenure as a driver. These details come after Sebastian expressed at the Mugello Grand Prix that working with Aston Martin is a long-term goal. Lawrence Stroll & Sebastian Vettel hope their cooperation will lead towards this teams inevitably front-row placements.

Sebastian Vettel is taking a notable salary decrease with Aston Martin F1 Racing. The German was previously paid €45 Million with Scuderi Ferrari. That valuation is decreasing to €15 Million for a base salary, with raises possible if contention for first row placements becomes a common scenario for Vettel. Taking a notable salary decrease has likely stressed Sebastian Vettel, enforcing a more limited lifestyle. However, Vettel expressed that payment is immeasurable in-comparison to doing what he loves.

Podium Contention for Vettel

Retired F1 drivers have supported the announcement of Sebastian moving to Aston Martin, including Ralf Schumacher. The cousin to Michael Schumacher believes that combining the speed & strengths of Sebastian Vettel with Aston Martin will account for a massive step in F1’s history. Ralf noted that this announcement benefits the podium, seasonal standings, and will likely challenge Mercedes AMG-Petronas in ways they’d never expect. The reality is nobody can anticipate how Sebastian Vettel will perform with Aston Martin F1 Racing. Supporters have to wait until the German four-time champion hits Free Practice in the opening round of 2021.

Scuderia Ferrari’s Pace Worsens at Monza

The Italian Grand Prix at Autodrom Monza de Circuit is arriving on September 6th. Free Practice for this GP has begun, with the first two sessions occurring on two-days earlier. Unfavourable results were seen for Scuderia Ferrari on the September 4th Free Practices, with Sebastian Vettel obtaining P19 and Charles Leclerc landing P11. It’s the prancing horse’s worst placement during Free Practice in 10+ years, showing the notable downfall of Scuderia Ferrari since being caught cheating in 2019.

F1 Supporters expressed their shock through social media at Sebastian Vettel’s placement, with the Scuderi Ferrari driver being a former four-time championship winner. The surprise came when learning Vettel has placed lower than Roy Nissany, a competitor from Formula Two. He was testing the Williams Car during FP1 & obtained one spot higher than Vettel at P18. However, this isn’t the fault of Germany’s 4-Time Champion. Scuderia Ferrari has failed to provide Vettel with a reliable SF1000 for the 2020 campaign, with similar problems following for Charles Leclerc. Both Ferrari drivers are experiencing common mechanical errors, prompting their low placements of P19 & P11.

Downforce failure & straight-line speed depressions at Scuderi Ferrari became evident at Monza. Williams sent Roy Nissany out on the Hard Compound Tyres, with Sebastian Vettel maintaining the Medium Compound. It shouldn’t have been challenging for Vettel to outpace Nissany on the faster tyre. However, 2020 Grand Prix’s have revealed evidence which shows that Scuderia Ferrari is losing all downforce on the straights & harbouring a high percentage of dirty air when other cars pass-by. It’s created a loophole scenario where Ferrari drivers cannot find the pace under any conditions.

Mattia Binotto to Blame

Motorsport analysts are questioning the destructive forces at work in Scuderia Ferrari. Mattia Binotto is primarily to blame for the team’s recent failures, with the Italian Leader limiting what Engineers & Drivers can accomplish with their daily tasks. Financial burdens placed onto Scuderia Ferrari would’ve forced Mattia Binotto to approach Formula One differently. However, Binotto didn’t likely anticipate Ferrari becoming the slowest team in Formula One. It seems the Williams Curse has travelled onwards to Scuderia Ferrari.

Toto Wolff Discusses Ferrari’s Failures

The Mercedes AMG-Petronas Team Boss has targeted Ferrari during a Belgium GP press conference. Toto Wolff evoked that Scuderia Ferrari’s performance for 2020 isn’t good enough for Formula One and that there are specific members of the Italian organization are responsible for their downfall. It’s undeniable that Scuderia Ferrari has become worse than imaginable, with teams like Alpha Tauri outpacing both Charles Leclerc & Sebastian Vettel. George Russel from Williams was +0.207 away from overtaking Vettel from P14.

The Tifosi Gang are notably disappointed with Scuderia Ferrari, with most Italian & international supporters believing that Charles Leclerc could content Lewis Hamilton for the 2020 F1 Championship. The differences between Scuderia Ferrari in 2020 & 2019 are extensive, with the Belgium Grand Prix being Leclerc’s first victory in Formula One during the 2019 Campaign. This year Charles is battling to maintain a position higher than P10.

Charles Leclerc obtaining P13 & Sebastian Vettel garnering P14 marks the lowest point in Scuderia Ferrari’s history over the last two decades. Toto Wolff was notable upset that known members amongst the F1 Paddock are purposely destroying the Ferrari F1 Team. Wolff mentioned that since the 1950s, Scuderi Ferrari has been an iconic brand in the Formula One community & should be competing regularly for podium contention. Wolff evoked that when Scuderi Ferrari performs poorly, it’s horrendous for the overall motorsport. Mercedes Team Boss would issue his sympathies towards the Tifosi Gang & employed workforces at Ferrari’s Italian facilities.

Is It Mattia Binotto?

Toto Wolff then mentioned that priorities of specific individuals in Scuderia Ferrari had changed drastically since the COVID-19 pandemic, and their lack of performance comes directly from this individual. Toto’s statements lead towards Mattia Binotto, the Team Boss of Scuderia Ferrari. Mattia is hated amongst the Tifosi Gang after Binotto replaced Maurizio Arrivabene. It appears that Binotto is purposely limiting what performance capabilities are given to Scuderia Ferrari, which follows suit with Mattia’s character since becoming Team Boss on January 7th, 2019.

If Mattia Binotto is the individual that’s purposely limiting the pace of Scuderia Ferrari, his position as Team Boss will likely be lost for the 2021 F1 Season. It’d be a highly welcomed decision amongst the Formula One paddock & Tifosi Gang.

Verstappen Discusses Challenges on Racing in 2020

Max Verstappen has clarified his discontent with the scheduling of Formula One’s 2020 Season. It’s not surprising that the Red Bull Aston Martin Racing driver expressed his displeasure, with Verstappen often being vocal against incorrect decisions made by the FIA. Reporters questioned Max on his thought process behind 2020’s F1 scheduling, where the Dutch native would indicate that nine Grand Prix’s in eleven weekends in the absolute limit of Formula One’s grid. Verstappen noted his hope that 2021 will return to their conventional 20 Grand Prix schedule over ten months.

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced Formula One to postpone all Grand Prix’s for 2020, not knowing if they’d be permitted to reschedule under international law. The F1 grid learned in June that seasonal races would resume in July, which was an announcement highly praised by teams & supporters. At that time nobody knew that additional races would be confirmed, increasing the schedule of Grand Prix’s in eleven weeks. Crews have reached their limits on what’s possible with updating their vehicles, managing engineering workforces, and travelling from nation-to-nation. After nearly hitting the halfway point of this unexpected adventure, Max Verstappen appears to be losing his patience.

Three Grand Prix’s were maintained back-to-back in July, with two located at the Austrian Red Bull Ring & one located at Hungary’s Hungaroring. It’s the first time in years that Formula One has given their teams such a close schedule of races, with breaks commonly permitted after two back-to-back GPs. This imposes notable challenges onto F1 team managers, drivers, engineers, pit crews, and all other employed personnel on the Formula One grid. These individuals understand the contractual & commercial obligations that F1 must maintain, which is why there wasn’t any pushback against the odd schedule.

Team Required Breaks

Max Verstappen emphasized to the FIA publicly that Grand Prix’s must be raced in 2020, but that moving forward into next season, things must change. Verstappen cannot imagine another season where teams could account for the weekly demands without being permitted breaks. Max did mention that regardless they’ll accept what’s announced by the FIA, with contractual obligations requiring the team’s participation. It should be said that the FIA hasn’t announced any Grand Prix’s yet for the 2021 F1 Season.

Smith-Rakic To head Main Event at UFC Event in August

The UFC is well into the resuming of its events after COVID-19 saw it bring a halt to fight nights. The latest promotion being touted by the UFC will see Aleksandar Rakic and Anthony Smith being featured on the 29th of August for its Fight Night main event.

Originally, the card was scheduled to see Yair Rodriguez versus Zabit Magomedsharipov. However, Rodriguez dropped out of the fight after suffering an unspecified injury. Due to the limited notice, the UFC was unable to find a replacement and therefore cancelled the fight.

As Aleksandar Rakic and Anthony Smith were already scheduled to fight during the event, they were upgraded to the main event but will retain the same scheduled three-round bout. Anthony Smith’s last fight against Glover Teixeira resulted in a loss leaving him with only one win in his previous three bouts. Smith’s latest victory came against Alexander Gustafsson, and his other loss was to the current champion, Jon Jones.

Aleksandar Rakic is considered of the top prospects in the heavyweight division but fell short of earning a victory in his fight against Volkan Oezdemi during December’s UFC Busan. At 28, he has racked up a dozen back to back wins before the loss, and that included a first round knockout in December 2018 against Jimi Manuwa.

UFC 252 Update

The UFC Fight Night will take place in Las Vegas at the Apex and will feature welterweights Robbie Lawler taking on Neil Magny and featherweights Ricardo Lamas vs Ryan Hall. Sean O’Malley failed to retain his undefeated record while fighting Marlon Vera at UFC 252 after being knocked out in the first round.

Early in the fight, O’Malley seemed to injure his foot and battled to stay standing before being knocked out and taken out on a stretcher. O’Malley fell to the may early into the first round, and Vera unloaded a vicious series of elbow shots. While O-Malley wasn’t out for the count, he was visibly injured, and referee Herb Dean called an end to the bout.

O’Malley came out strong in the opening seconds of the fight and was able to keep Vera at bay. However, once Vera picked up on O’Malley’s injury, he took over and scored the win. Vera now has a 6-1 record, while O’Malley fell to 4-1.

Max Verstappen wins 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Those that stand against the dominance & formidable skillsets of Lewis Hamilton were pleasantly surprised on August 9th when Max Verstappen stole the 1st place podium from the British Six-Time F1 Champion. This is a substantial loss for Lewis Hamilton, with Silverstone’s recent race being the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix for Formula One. This historic moment in motorsports is now owned by Max Verstappen, someone that wasn’t expected to become victorious.

Max Verstappen now stands as the single F1 Driver to have won a Grand Prix in 2020. It comes after a formidable strategy was implemented by Red Bull – Aston Martin Racing, which included starting the Grand Prix on the Hard Tyre Compound. Verstappen would immediately gain a single placement after the 1st corner, taking P3 from Nico Hulkenberg.

Max would then manage his Tyres & Pace better than Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas throughout the 52 Laps. After the 10th Lap, Max would begin pressuring Bottas once learning Mercedes AMG-Petronas was experiencing blisters. He’d overtake Valtteri at the Luffield Corner, with his domination over Lewis Hamilton coming once Mercedes pitted their star driver. It marks the 1st victory for Red Bull Racing at Silverstone since 2012.

Lewis Hamilton found himself struggling throughout the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, maintaining a resurgence into the later laps. This unexpected resurgence prompted Lewis to acquire 2nd Place on the Podium, which was obtained after overtaking Valtteri Bottas at Brooklands. Lewis Hamilton now maintains the same number of Podium Finishes as Michael Schumacher.

The Placements for Fan Favourite Drivers

Fan favourite drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Charles Leclerc, Alex Albon, Nico Hulkenberg, Pierre Gasly, and Lando Norris found themselves maintaining notable positions on the grid by the 52nd Lap. Scuderia Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc should’ve received “Driver of the Day” after obtaining P4 on a One-Stop Pit Strategy. Charles got this position with his 2020 SF1000, which is considerably slower than competing cars from Red Bull & Mercedes. This was proven with Sebastian Vettel’s P12 Placement.

Alex Albon from Red Bull Racing garnered P5, making his final overtake on Lance Stroll on the Last Lap. Lando Norris for McLaren Racing maintained 97, and Pierre Gasly with AlphaTauri maintained P11.

The Final Laps of Silverstone 2020

Most had thought that when Formula One was postponed earlier this year, it wouldn’t return until 2021 following an international pandemic. Supporters were thrilled in late June to learn that multiple races were coming, including Silverstone. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone went underway on August 2nd & saw Lewis Hamilton acquiring his 7th victory at the circuit in the most unexpected way possible.

Silverstone will likely be remembered as the most exciting race for F1s 2020 Season. It all began when Nico Hulkenberg was announced to be returning with Racing Point, replacing Sergio Perez while he recovers from COVID-19. Hulkenberg would find himself unable to compete after a Power Unit Issue forced his W10 to stall.

The Silverstone problems continued & move towards Alex Albon/Romain Grosjean. Albon would make a lung towards Grosjean, bashing into his right-back tyre & forcing Romain to spin out into the gravel. Another DNF followed after Daniil Kvyat lost control of his AT-01, creating significant damage. Two safety cars were initiated because of these incidents & allowed other drivers to reach closer towards Lewis Hamilton.

The Excitement Continues

Lewis would outpace those that came close until the 52nd & Final Lap. Hamilton saw his tyres deflate and then popped towards the final corners. This followed after Valtteri Bottas had similar issues on the Hard Tyres just moments before. Bottas was allowed to pit, dropping multiple placements into 11th from 2nd.

This allowed Max Verstappen to overtake Valtteri Possible while being three seconds from passing a limping Lewis Hamilton. The British Champion wouldn’t allow for Max Verstappen to overtake, fully gassing his W11 on the final corner. He’d remark after the British Grand Prix that this was a foolish decision & his vehicle wouldn’t stop but was still thrilled to have won.

F1 Commentators were surprised by the actions of Lewis Hamilton, who’d been informed moments last not to risk his W11 & that returning the vehicle into the pits was most important. Lewis would’ve lost the race if Red Bull Aston Martin Racing hadn’t pitted Max Verstappen on the 51st Lap alongside Valtteri Bottas. However, Verstappen was still pleased with his 2nd Place Podium Finish.

Scuderia Ferrari Restructures Technical Department

The Technical Department for Scuderia Ferrari has been restructured, which follows after poor performances throughout the 2020 Formula One Season. Ferrari is typically declared into the top three teams, with Mercedes in 1st and Red Bull in 3rd. 2020 would see that change with Scuderia Ferrari slumping into the midfield. Their straight-line speeds have dropped significantly over winter break, which was prolonged & supported little technical development with the COVID-19 pandemic. Scuderia Ferrari’s headquarters is located in Italy, a nation which was severely affected by the coronavirus.

Ferrari is sustaining a 5th position in the Constructor’s Championship, losing out to the likes of McLaren Racing & Racing Point. It’s the lowest standing that Scuderia Ferrari has seen in years, which their pace difference evident after Charles Leclerc placed 11th at the Hungaroring Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel would place 6th.

Employed personnel within the Technical Department are expected to be angered by this announcement. Mattia Binotto, the Team Principal for Scuderia Ferrari, promised on July 17th that there wouldn’t be layoffs following their poor performance. That would all change by the 20th, with Mattia Binotto announcing that their technical team will be restructured & a new performance development department is being created.

Scuderia Ferrari’s Team Principal indicated that their restructuring efforts would create a practical package that emphasis on straight-line speeds for upcoming seasons. Mattia Binotto wants management to become simplified & focused, giving leaders the tools required to finalize their objectives.

Mattia clarified who will reign over which departments. It’s known that Enrico Cardile will oversee the performance development department. He’ll also lead the Power Unit Team. Sporting Director of Trackside Activities has been awarded to Laurent Mekies, with Simon Resta holding his position for Manager of the Chassis Engineering Department.

The Long Game

Scuderia Ferrari admitted that their 2020 F1 Season is lost. Those midfield positions will continue throughout 2021, with Ferrari being forced into using the SF1000 for an additional season. Cost-Saving Strategies are being employed by Mattia Binotto, ensuring the long-term survival of Scuderia Ferrari. The Team Principal emphasized that they’re creating the foundations needed to return into a winning cycle.