McLaren MCL35 Unveiled

Formula one outfits have begun releasing their liveries and updated cars for the upcoming 2020 season. The latest comes from McLaren after Ferrari, Mercedes, Hass, Renault and Red Bull. It’s expected that the remaining teams will publicly announce their upgrades before February 29th. When it applies to McLaren, their latest model is named the MCL35 and follows their historic colour schemes. The Papaya Orange & Dark Blue combination has been re-implemented since the 2017 season, with the 2020 model having noticeable changes. Matte finishes and alterations in the colour schemes layout have allowed for the MCL35 to look more aggressive than its predecessor.

This isn’t primarily because of the new colour scheme implementations, but the noticeable alterations to the MCL35s aerodynamics. The pinched rear is complemented with a narrow nose, which is extended to new layouts in the wings and chassis. McLaren believes that it’ll allow them to maximise on downforce in comparison to the competition. It should be noted that McLaren is the only outfit to alternate the physical design of their vehicles, with all previous unveilings looking identical to last years model.

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz will take their respective vehicles towards the podium throughout 2020. Engineers with the program believe that their drivers won’t have a consistent opportunity to win until the 2023 season, with both Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris expressing otherwise. Sainz acquired the first podium for McLaren since 2014, which was accomplished with a car meant for mid-grid competition. The champion skillsets displayed by Sainz and the new downforce capabilities of the MCL35 could see McLaren acquire multiple podiums this season. However, just like with the Honda – Red Bull partnership in 2019, there’ll be team doubters until the goal is accomplished.

Lando Norris

Britain is infamous for providing the most iconic formula one drivers, with the most recent being Lando Norris. He’s become famous throughout social media communities for his young age, humorous behaviour and capability to perform with older champions like Sebastian Vettel. The dedication that Norris displays towards McLaren is incredible, with the driver moving less than three minutes from the McLaren F1 Factory. This means that Lando Norris is the only driver on the 2020 grid that lives near their constructor’s factory, with all others living in Monaco. Lando Norris stands at twenty-years-old, and there’s always the chance that he’ll move locations once becoming an adult. There’s still the point where you grow older and desire a more relaxing lifestyle.

Red Bull Seeing Engine Improvements in 2020

Christian Horner from the Red Bull – Aston Martin F1 Team, has expressed that the partnership with Honda is indicating significant breakthroughs after winter testing. This follows after Honda Racing became the engine supplier for Red Bull – Aston Martin in 2019, which saw Max Verstappen acquire a podium for the Japanese manufacturer. It marked their first podium since 2006, with Max earning two more podium finishes in 1st place and many others in lower positions. It meant that Honda Racing became the most successful engine supplier other than Mercedes AMG-Petronas since 2015.

Horner being the team principal, is often asked personal questions regarding engine development, which he’s expressed is showing positive feedback. Engineers are continually making progress towards enhancements in our evolution. Horner anticipates that the next step in their strategy is shortly upon them, which will make their turnaround on the grid phenomenal. Christian Horner noted that when you look to Honda Racing in Formula One back in 2015 to 2020, the engine supplier is entirely different and made multiple improvements. Most of these improvements were also limited by the demanding actions of McLaren, which was the previous team that operated under Honda Racing.

It was when Honda Racing partnered with Toro Rosso in 2018 that these improvements began rapidly. Their agreement with Red Bull’s sister team also enabled them to open the door towards the 2019 Engine Supplier Contract. The advances displayed by engineers with Honda Racing has allowed for Red Bull to acquire championship contention against Ferrari and Mercedes, which hadn’t been possible for more than six seasons. The last time that Red Bull dominated was when Sebastian Vettel competed.

Verstappen has become the new leader of this formula one team, with his expectations always being met with Honda Racing. However, Max Verstappen can leave Red Bull if Honda pulls out of Formula One in 2021. Concerns for the future of Red Bull – Aston Martin are growing, there’s the chance that Honda Racing will leave following the 2020 season and Aston Martin has been purchased by Racing Point starting 2021. It’ll go the outfit being entirely different than prior seasons over the last decade.

Chinese Grand Prix Potentially Cancelled

Formula One supporters could lose one of their venues this year with the recent infection of Coronavirus. It’s been confirmed by F1s governing body that they’re determining the associated risk with the Chinese Grand Prix. This evolving situation is being monitored, and if the virus cannot be destroyed before March 1st, all Formula International Association events will be terminated in China. Extreme efforts are being taken to guarantee the prompt destruction of Coronavirus, which means there’s still some hope that this circuit will remain in the 2020 season.

The Chinese Grand Prix is used by multiple variations of motorsport under the FIA. The 1st yearly event in with Formula E on March 21st. That’s why there has been a deadline on March 1st for the decision making process. The Formula International Association confirmed that if termination procedures for the Coronavirus are completed by March 31st, then the Formula Two and Formula One races would continue onwards. Most motorsport analysts are praising this level of the condition by the FIA, even with their event located in Shanghai. This metropolis is 800km away from the Wuhan District, but can still prove to be a concerning location for F1 Drivers and Teammates.

The World Health Organization

Detailed information regarding the Coronavirus has been provided hourly to international reporters. It’s known through Chinese health authority’s association with the World Health Organization, that confirmed cases of Coronavirus have exceeded several thousand citizens of China. These infections have spread through fifteen democratic nations worldwide, including Canada and the United States of America. The World Health Organization is having extensive delegations on Thursday, January 30, 2020. Conversations will determine if Coronavirus is a global health emergency, which would immediately demand the assistance of the world’s best medical scientists. Considering that the Coronavirus has infected less than 1% of the worldwide population, most believe that it won’t be classified as GHE.

The Formula One Association is hoping that outbreak strategies will destroy the Coronavirus. There are also concerns that the FIA might potentially have to terminate the Bahrain Grand Prix and Hanoi Grand Prix, which was slated to have its grand opening throughout 2020. We’ll keep our readers informed of any cancellations to the F1 2020 Calendar. It should be noted that multiple other sporting events have been terminated in the wake of Coronavirus. This included the World Indoor Athletics Championship. Their activity was 500km away from the Wuhan District and has now been postponed for twelve months.

New York Yankees on Sign-Stealing Problems in MLB

Major League Baseball has experienced their most prominent allegations of cheating in history. This follows after the Houston Astros were found implementing sign-stealing technologies, giving them a huge advantage over the competition. It resulted in them winning the World Series in 2017. It’s now being revealed that other team in Major League Baseball had suspected that the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox had been cheating for time. Brain Cashman from the New York Yankees informed MLB reporters that they’d been implementing techniques to stop sign-stealing from opposing organizations. The Yankee’s general manager engaged every tactic possible to limit the stealing of signs, with evolutions in their strategies increasing to account for cheating opponents. Information regarding sign-stealing followed after Mike Fiers became the whistleblower, with him previous playing for the Houston Astros.

Brain Cashman didn’t express the extent of their protection that the New York Yankees had in the 2017 campaign. This was when the Houston Astros had most actively implemented their sign-stealing protocols, which remained active throughout the last two seasons. Information revealed after these allegations noted that the Boston Red Sox had cheated their way to the 2018 World Series victory. This would mean two organizations cheated their way to success, with the Yankee’s failing for two consecutive seasons. Brain Cashman can’t help but feel that Major League Baseball should strip the world championship titles from 2017/2018.

The Frustration Grows

Multiple individuals connected to the New York Yankees have expressed their disappointment to the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox. This follows after they’d been eliminated the last three seasons, twice by the Houston Astros and once by the Boston Red Sox. Both teams cheated their ways into defeating the New York Yankees. This prompted Aaron Boone, the Head Manager for the Yankees, to demand greater enforcement from governing officials in the Major League Baseball association. Boone demanded that significant steps be taken to ensure clean and fair games amongst competitors. Hopefully MLB associates will take Aaron Boone’s advice and finally put an end to cheating in baseball. It should be noted that cheating with steroids, illegal baseball bats and illegal gloves have previously occurred in MLB history.

There hasn’t been any confirmation that the Houston Astros or Boston Red Sox will be stripped of their world championship titles. MLB Associates must act quickly to enforce fairer gameplay amongst athletes, especially after their considerable battle against Bernie Sanders and Minor League Baseball.

Prema Racing Signs Arthur Leclerc

The Ferrari Driver’s Academy has selected Arthur Leclerc for a position in Formula Regional. Prema Racing confirmed this announcement, with the younger brother of Charles Leclerc being signed after graduating the Ferrari Junior Program. Notable moments in this family’s history include Charles becoming the youngest professional racer to win a Grand Prix, which occurred at Belgium in 2019. Arthur Leclerc has a considerable level of training before he can obtain placement in Formula 2 for Prema Racing, where Mick Schumacher currently resides.

Arthur Leclerc became a noticeable driver for Prema Racing after being positioned to join Sauber Junior. The nineteen-year-old driver competed in the 2019 FDA Trails, ultimately racing in the German Formula Four circuit. He’d acquire several podiums in his first stint in F4 and place third in the championship standings. This prompted the promotion to Formula Regional, with his next stop being F2. The Ferrari Driver’s Academy maintains nine drivers in their lineup. Those individuals include Mick Schumacher, Giuliano Alesi, Callum Illot, Enzo Fittipaldo, Gianluca Petecof, Robert Schwartzman, Marcus Armstrong and Dino Beganovic. Subsequently, this young competitor has considerable competitor, unlike his brother Charles.

Prema Racing

The Technical Director for the Ferrari Driver Academy confirmed this announcement. Marco Matassa expressed that his organization is pleased to welcome Arthur Leclerc and Dino Beganovic to the academy. Marco said that their lineup of drivers would compete across four variations of Formula racing. This includes Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula Regional and Formula Four. Matassa noted that this would be one of the most competitive seasons to date with the Ferrari Driver Academy/Prema Racing. Ultimately, the objective of the academy is to assist these individuals in their growth and success in racing.

The Sporting Director with the Ferrari Driver Academy also spoke during the press release announcement. He said to reporters that they’re always scouting for the most talented drivers in lower-league racing. Laurent Mekies noted that Arthur and Dino were the best of their respective categories. Going forward, this academy maintains two drivers in each single-seat FIA league. Supporting their growth as racing drivers and educational development as individuals is the primary purpose of signing on with this academy. It’s expected that Arthur Leclerc will inevitably make it to Formula Two and potentially Formula One.

The Challenges

Arthur Leclerc will struggle to obtain a placement with Prema Racing in the next two years for Formula Two. Mick Schumacher currently drives with this organization, with his development as a racing driver being more critical than any other. This is because of his relation to Michael Schumacher. Even though Arthur is related to Charles Leclerc, he can’t hope to overcome the popularity of Mick Schumacher. Subsequently, until Schumacher can obtain a seat in Formula One, don’t expect to see Arthur Leclerc in Formula Two.

F1 Developments for 2020 Season

The announcements coming for the 2020 Season of Formula One are being released now. Developments regarding alterations in drivers, tracks, pre-season testing, and rules have begun to be announced. Below we’ve provided insight regarding the three most significant announcements throughout last week. The first notable announcement was released by the FIA earlier this week. Governing over the Formula 1 motorsport, this organization provided the practice and qualifying times for 2020. These scheduled times extend to the circuits themselves, which include the Vietnam and Zandvoort Grand Prix’s. Both of these circuits are brand new to the F1 lineup, with Vietnam being staged at the Hanoi Circuit.

This new race is slated to start at 14:10, with Zandvoort in the Netherlands beginning at 15:10 weeks later. This announcement from the FIA expressed that the United States and British Grand Prix’s will begin an hour then than in 2019. The full list can be viewed in detail under the Formula One official website.

Formula One 2020 Pre-Season Testing

Before any of these upcoming 2020 races can begin, the ten teams operating in F1 must start pre-season testing. Testing will begin in Spain, Barcelona on February 19th. This gives the crews less than four weeks to determine all the significant problems with their 2020 vehicles, as the upcoming season begins on March 15th. The British Broadcasting Company -Sports Edition will be providing live commentary on the testing periods of Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull.

It should be noted that this will be the first time that Formula One enthusiasts will see the 2020 designs. Photographers like Kym Illman will showcase First-class pictures of these vehicles. One of the best aspects of the 2020 cars is that drivers are provided with increased control. This applies to the race starts, with drivers managing 90% of the torque going forward. Greater control and command of the clutch paddles are maintained, allowing for more speed down the 1st straight of any race.

Chequered Flag Returning in 2020

The final development that was announced this week regarded the Chequered Flag. Throughout the 2019 season, new regulations were implemented. These rules determined that the flag would be replaced with a light panel, marking the races end to drivers. The last season saw the flag waved once by the former F1 Champion, Jean Alesi. Unfortunately, issues following the Japanese Grand Prix saw the light panel work against the direction of operators. This prompted F1 and the FIA to bring bag the chequered flag, which was confirmed through social media outlets.

Honda F1 Talks Verstappen

Max Verstappen, one of the youngest and most formidable drivers in the Formula One Drivers Championship, is now being compared to Ayton Senna. This comes after Masashi Yamamoto spoke with reporters at Autosport Magazine. Here, the manufacturer began to praise the young athlete for his capabilities on and off the track. Yamamoto pointed to Senna’s Honda logo, which was placed in the same area for Verstappen because of their likeliness as drivers. This praise comes after Max acquired three podium victories for Honda Racing, marking their first wins in thirteen years in the sport.

This Austrian driver has set records similar to Gerhard Berger, one of the former top winners in the Honda F1 Racing history. However, there isn’t anybody that’s had more podiums for Honda than the outstanding Ayrton Senna. In his career, he won thirty-two Grand Prixs and earned three world titles in the process between 1987 to 92. All of these factors haven’t diminished the power Verstappen hold’s over Honda’s growth and he is quoted with being one of the most significant factors for Honda Racing in Formula One.

Yamamoto’s Comments

Yamamoto speaking with Autosport clarified that Verstappen might be young but maintains some of the best driving grid-wide. He noted that its similar to watching the Young Senna throughout his beginning days. Max pays the same respect to Honda Racing, remaining loyal with them and Red Bull Racing. Subsequently, there’s a good chance that he will be one of the few drivers to stay with the same team for upwards of ten years or longer. Honda Racing’s Yamamoto mentioned that the respect shown creates emotion amongst the engineers, making us want to create a more significant engine for him. However, Yamamoto made sure to clarify that all four drivers with Honda F1 Racing are essential to the program.

Since Honda Racing partnered with Red Bull in 2019, Max Verstappen has created an intense and close relationship with their brand. He indicated that the Austrian driver displays a significant passion for growing the research and development sector, which has made their relationship stronger within the last fourteen months. Yamamoto mentioned the thousands of people working at the Honda factory and how Max has gotten to know a large percentage of them. This included walking through the wind tunnel, where all employees lined up and received high fives from the infamous driver. It’s this commitment towards Honda that made them dedicated to F1 for the next four years going forward.

Lebron James Meets Terminally Ill Teenager

Millennials provided a special Christmas wish to Corey Groves, a 17-year-old teenager who is diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer. It’s in stage four with zero changes of remission, meaning the young man has less than a year to live. Corey’s final wish was to meet his favourite football player, Lebron James. This meeting took place on Christmas Day when the Lakers played against the Clippers.

Corey Groves is born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. This Canadian-Native received his wish after a YouTube organization by the name of NELK requested that their fans get onto Lebron’s social media and acquire the meeting. When Nav Bhatia, the Toronto Raptors biggest fan, heard of this news, he immediately used his connections to get Lebron’s attention. Though the NELK Boys started this charity campaign, it was ultimately Nav Bhatia that completed Corey’s wish. Corey Groves found out when Nav showed up to his home in Brampton, which is less than an hour away from Toronto, informing him of the positive news.

Local reporters from the Los Angeles Region spoke with Lebron James at this meeting. Dave McMenamin from ESPN Sports stated that Corey Groves met with Lebron and the remaining Lakers before the walkthrough. Reporters also spoke with Corey, asking him how he lived before the terrible news. He stated that before he became terminally ill, basketball was his main priority. However, Corey noted that this would be his last holiday, and then being able to shake his hero’s hand is the most incredible gift he could ask for under these circumstances.

The Groves Family mentioned that their child admires Lebron James for his talents on and off the court, noting that Corey looked up to this superstar as an icon for his work with first responders and underprivileged children. Numerous fans of Lebron James have praised the professional basketball player and provided their condolences to the Groves Family. Most celebrities don’t take these requests, opting to ignore the grief of others to live in their selfish lifestyles. Moments like these are embodied in time and won’t be forgotten by the Groves Family for generations to come.

The NELK Boys

This action of kindness from Lebron James wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of the Nelk Boys. These comedic group of pranksters and vloggers are infamous to committing criminal actions worldwide. This marked the first instance that they’d ever promoted something positive, instead of drugs or illegal behaviour. Media Outlets have purposely avoided giving these individuals their limelight, as helping their YouTube Page would mean the promotion of this illicit behaviour.

F1 has Biggest Attendance Volumes in History

Formula One is the world’s most popular motorsport, with an average of 25+ million watching every race worldwide. However, the attendance levels at their respective venues haven’t seen percentage increases until this year. The FIA confirmed that more than four million spectators had attended the 21+ Grand Prix’s available in their yearly calendar. This is a 1.75% increase from the previous year, even with the cancellation of the Japanese Grand Prix with Typhoon Hagibis. There was also a formidable percentage increase in Paddock Club Ticket Holders, which is the most expensive pass available for any venue. There was a 7.15% rise in Paddock Members, bringing the total to more than 80 thousand.

Three of the Grand Prix’s in this yearly calendar saw an increase of 50,000 spectators. The venues included Great Britain, Australia, and Mexico. Great Britain saw 351,000 attendees, and Mexico saw 345,694 guests to their Grand Prix. When looking at Australia, they had 324,100 individuals attend the Melbourne Grand Prix. These numbers are significantly higher than the attendees in Singapore, Belgium, the USA, Hungary, Italy, and Australia.

Additional Details

Singapore maintained 200 thousand guests, with Austria maintain 203 thousand. The United States had 268 thousand North Americans attend the event, with Belgium displays an attendance record of 251 thousand. Hungary also had an attendance record of 230 thousand, with Austria’s number depleting to 203 thousand. However, the Italian Grand Prix saw their highest weekend attendance to date with more than 200 Spectators.

The circuit that saw the highest increase in attended revenue was the Shanghai International Circuit, which saw a 30% increase in attendance records from 2018. These increased numbers came from the fact that Shanghai held the 1000th Grand Prix. It was a significant historical event for motorsports, which saw genuine fans come to the event from across the globe. The Managing Director of Commercial Operations for Formula One believes this is the best year that has ever occurred historically for the competition. The hope is that with new circuits coming in 2020, those attendance records will continue to grow. Those wanting to watch the Melbourne Grand Prix in 2020 have to wait until March.

Hamilton and Ferrari in Talks for 2021

The 2019 Formula One Champion, Lewis Hamilton, has been confirmed to be negotiating with Ferrari. This information comes directly from the Italian Motorsports Organization, who stated that their Chief Executive Officer met with the champion over lunch. The two of them had conversations regarding the potential of Hamilton joining, with Louis Carey Camilleri flattered with the prospect of his arrival. However, the team noted that these conversations are premature and that they’re looking into multiple options for the 2021 Season.

Lewis Hamilton hasn’t confirmed or denied that he has this meeting. However, Hamilton did specify that the lunch was a social gathering amongst multiple individuals in the F1 atmosphere. F1 Analysts believe that these conversations are more than premature, though and that Hamilton switching over is almost guaranteed. Ferrari has displayed their desire to have a veteran driver with a younger teammate. Removing Sebastian Vettel for Lewis Hamilton and keeping on Charles Leclerc would give the Italian Bulls a powerful alliance that could see significant championship points.

The Future

Hamilton has expressed multiple times that he will wait until Toto Wolff determines his fate with the team. However, Wolff has been privately offered the Formula One Chief Executive Role in 2021. Wolff leaving Mercedes AMG would immediately guarantee Hamilton’s arrival to Ferrari. Here, he would also have a running chance to defeat Michael Schumacher’s championship reign of seven titles. Hamilton receiving his eighth title under Ferrari would guarantee them the golden team once again in Formula One.

That being said, it leaves many wondering where Sebastian Vettel will drive for the 2021 Season. It’s known that his contract with the team ends after 2020 and that his working relationship with Charles Leclerc has been unsatisfactory. Subsequently, it’s more than likely that Vettel is losing his seat regardless of Hamilton’s position. Analysts suspect that Vettel will follow in the footstep of his former teammate Raikkonen, joining Alfa Romeo for his remaining seasons in F1. That would make it impossible for Vettel to gain a fifth championship title.

Charles Leclerc hasn’t officially been named the number one driver for Ferrari. Genuine fans of the sport know that behind closed doors, this is precisely Leclerc’s position with the Italian Bulls. He has more pole qualifying laps, first position podium placements, and fastest laps than Vettel. He is also the primary driver for Ferrari to win at Monza in decades, guarantying his position with the team for years to come.