Healing After the Crash, Romain Grosjean.

Thirty days have passed since a horrific accident was sustain at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Supporters of Formula One witnessed the worst crash seen for years, with Romain Grosjean nearly dying. Innovations made for safety purposes enabled Grosjean to walk away from the accident with severe burns, with the latter outcome being decapitation. Romain avoided decapitation because of the “Halo Safety Feature”. Halos create a crescent-shaped bar inches above a driver’s helmet, with these bars able to withstand 4000lbs of pressure.

Severe burns were sustained by Romain Grosjean after grabbing his Haas VF40s halo, which was experiencing temperatures exceeding thousands of degrees. Flames reaching temperatures consistent with jet fuel encapsulated Romain Grosjean, with his fire-retardant suit & helmet protecting Romain from certain death. The gloves provided to Grosjean burned seconds after touching the halo, causing significant burns that are healing one month later. Romain’s right hand appears to have healed to near perfect condition. However, the left hand remains bandaged & will likely need an additional thirty days for healing.

F1 Supporters have cheered Romain Grosjean through his healing process, with the miraculous survival of his accident creating joy & sadness for fanatics worldwide. Romain Grosjean’s was fired from Haas, with no other teams contacting Grosjean for contract employment. It meant his retirement from Formula One ended in horrific flames, with the worst accident witnessed in decades.

eSports for Romain Grosjean till 2022

Grosjean has uplifted his supporters by ensuring a return to racing for 2022, with that unlikely to be inside the cockpit of a Formula One car. Until the opportunity for Romain to return arrives, Grosjean continued to compete in eSport Motorsport venues to entertain his long-time supporters. During these live streams, questions are taken & answered by Romain regarding his career in Formula One. Those interested in witnessing Romain’s rebirth as a racing car driver should watch his eSport streams, with evident progress being seen over the last month.