Horrific Incident at the Bahrain Grand Prix

International audiences were shocked by the unexpected incident involving Romain Grosjean in Formula One. Viewers witnessed Romain’s Haas divert towards the right at 225km/h. His vehicle struck the barriers & pierced through, prompting Romain’s Haas to break apart in half. An explosion followed immediately afterwards & flames engulfed Grosjean, prompting immediate concern that these two consecutive events killed this French native. Cheers would be heard across the paddock & worldwide amongst supporters when Romain Grosjean jumped from his vehicle eighteen seconds later. However, it’d be almost ten minutes before supporters learned that Romain survived this traumatic event.

FIA Medical Personnel demanded that Grosjean attend a local hospital, prompting his immediate departure from Bahrain International Circuit & towards a local military hospital. Pictures were later posted to social media, showing that Romain Grosjean had received prompt healthcare & will heal from his burn injuries.
The Team Boss of Haas spoke with reporters at Bahrain, informing the media that Romain is doing well & that medical advisements regarding his condition cannot be made. Light burns on Romain’s ankles and wrists were confirmed by Guenther Steiner, who afterwards thanked rescue crews that attended to Grosjean’s aid. The recovery timespan seen was incredible.

Eighteen Seconds of Death

Romain Grosjean was barricaded inside the flaming wreckage for eighteen seconds before forcibly removing himself from his Haas. It’s this action that prompted his light burns on the hand & wrist, but subsequently saved his life. Formula One’s Chief Medical Doctor was seen jumping into the flames, reaching desperately from Romain Grosjean & assisting with his removal. Ambulances were on-scene immediately, taking the Haas driver towards helicopter pads in Bahrain. Footage afterwards showed his car had melted & if Grosjean hadn’t left his vehicle after eighteen seconds, there’s no guarantee he would be alive today.

Mattia Binotto Speaks for Sebastian Vettel

Disturbances between Mattia Binotto & Sebastian Vettel have been evident since Scuderia Ferrari changed their team principals in 2018. Working difficulties between the two men have increased in recent months, which follows after Mattia Binotto purposely avoided Sebastian Vettel’s SF1000 with required upgrades. It resulted in Vettel regularly placing P11 to P14 in the majority of Formula One’s 2020 campaign, which is irregular for the four-time champion. Changes in Vettel’s pace have been seen since the Turkish Grand Prix, where he placed P3 after overtaking his teammate in the second-final corner. Following this singular victory for Sebastian Vettel, Mattia Binotto believes that the German champion is pleased with the SF1000s performance.

Mattia Binotto isn’t the exclusive factor that’s resulted in Scuderia Ferrari performing worse in 2020. The Covid-19 Pandemic ravished Italy’s countryside, which is where Ferrari’s manufacturing facilities are located. Large percentages of employed personnel couldn’t attend their jobs & perform required duties, resulting in vehicle performance dropping significantly.

Covid-19 has become to lighten worldwide, with nations learning methods to social distance & contact trace without substantial outbreaks. It’s enabled for Scuderia Ferrari to resume their manufacturing schedules, which supported Sebastian Vettel receiving multiple upgrades before the Turkish Grand Prix. Vettel doesn’t need to worry about his back end sliding anymore, or the downforce being incorrectly positioned. Subsequently, the champion skillsets of Sebastian Vettel are being shown towards the latter-end of 2020s campaign.

Champ Isn’t Gone Yet

Supporters were shown by Sebastian Vettel that he maintains the required skillsets to perform at champion levels, which dedicated fans hope will return for Vettel with his move to Aston Martin Racing in 2021. When considering that Sebastian is moving to Aston Martin next season, it’s not surprising that Mattia Binotto would work towards creating a better image between Vettel & Scuderia Ferrari. However, Vettel emphasis that continued improvements could be sustained on his SF1000.

It doesn’t matter what Sebastian Vettel or Mattia Binotto think of each other, with Scuderia Ferrari receiving the best result possible at Turkey. Sebastian Vettel came out P3 & Charles Leclerc took P4, creating Ferrari’s highest points for the 2020 campaign.

Reflections on the Turkish GP

Supporters of Formula One witnessed an exciting & unexpected Grand Prix on November 15th, with competitors failing to perform in horrendous conditions. Twenty drivers expressed from November 13th to 15th that driving conditions were similar to ice-rinks, that safety was being jeopardized. Multiple competitors spun-out during the three free practice sessions & qualifying, with grip hardly located by the Turkish Grand Prix. Max Verstappen to Lance Stroll all spun their vehicles throughout the 55 Laps, with the final podium positions being praised by the paddock & supporters for F1. Sergio Perez & Sebastian Vettel would earn their first podiums this season, an unforgettable moment for two drivers that’ve had challenging campaigns in 2020.

There were moments when the circuit began drying, prompting drivers to gain speed & grip for overtaking. Rainfall wouldn’t stop for the majority of the Grand Prix, forcing changes in strategy by most competitors. It’d be Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes AMG-Petronas that had the worst experience at the Turkish Grand Prix, with the teammate of Lewis Hamilton being spun-out on the first lap. Valtteri Bottas would spinout an additional two times from his respective loss of tyre grip.

Most drivers felt that conditions were appalling & not suitable for Formula One. Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, George Russell, and Lando Norris all mentioned the unforgiving nature of this circuit. Russell said that conditions seen on November 15th were exciting, but that lap-times couldn’t be sustained, with most drivers three seconds lower than what their vehicles standardly achieve. Russell mentioned that the Turkish Grand Prix looked great from TVs but horrible for drivers, with every competitor concerned for their safety.

Motorsport analysts anticipated that two Safety Cards & one Red Flag would be evoked at the Turkish Grand Prix by FIA Stewards. Lack of collisions between drivers enabled the race to move forward without any interruptions. Continued excited unfolded from the first to the final lap, including Sebastian Vettel earning his first podium position since Mexico 2019 & Sergio Perez since the 2012 Italian Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso Praises Talents of George Russell

The Formula One Grid is seeing the return of a two-time champion, which follows after retiring for two years from contention. Previously this driver drove for the likes of Williams, Renault, Scuderia Ferrari, and McLaren. Fans of Formula One know were discussing Fernando Alonso. This Spaniard saw his formal return to F1 last weekend at Imola, testing Renault’s 2018 vehicle after weeks of becoming reacquainted with the manufacturing facility.

Alonso has begun receiving questions from motorsport reporters regarding his thoughts on the current competition, which Alonso believes is fiercer & more robust than ever before. The 2005 & 2006 Formula One Champion for Renault has clarified that George Russell is the most talented driver in the young crowd. That’s multiple champions that’ve praised Russell now, with Lewis Hamilton also supporting George’s growth with Williams in 2019 to 2020.

Fernando Alonso won’t compete in Formula One again with Renault. It was expected that when his contract with Renault was initially announced, the two parties would come together for the third time & work towards acquiring another championship. It’d be confirmed weeks later that Renault had been sold to Alpine Racing, marking another shift for this team since it was created in 1980.

Motorsport Team History

The history of this motorsport team begins with the “Toleman Company” in 1980, with their entrance into Formula One sustaining five years. The motorsport team was then sold to Benetton Racing in 1985. Benneton would maintain their placement in Formula One for fifteen years, acquiring formidable drivers like Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button, Martin Bundle, Gerhard Berger, and Johnny Hebert. Benneton Racing wouldn’t sell their motorsport team until 2000 to Renault F1. This team would sustain another two decades under the Renault branding, which in 2021 will switch to Alpine Racing. Motorsport analysts believe Alpine Racing will be similar to the Toleman Company & sustain a shorter period in Formula One.

Changes in Team Directive

This could mean Fernando Alonso will have to overcome various challenges with Alpine Racing. Their directives could regard profit more than genuine racing, which will evoke the tension between team leaders & drivers. This isn’t what Fernando Alonso is focusing on, instead of expressing other competitors that could preform with Alpine Racing. Alonso would evoke that George Russell is the best option after Esteban Ocon.

Anderson Silva Ends Career with a Loss

The 4th Round of Anderson Silva vs Uriah Hall at UFC Vegas 12 saw a prominent fighter end his career in failure. It was confirmed weeks ago by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that Anderson Silva would be permitted a final octagon appearance & that his opponent would be Uriah Hall. Four of five rounds unfolded before Anderson Silva was TKO’d by Uriah Hall, prompting Silva’s end in the UFC.

MMA Analysts weren’t expecting that Anderson Silva would dominate over Uriah Hall. His dominance throughout the UFC has been minimal since 2013, which is the moment that Chris Weidman defeated Anderson Silva for the Middleweight Championship Belt. Silva maintained the title of Middleweight Champion for 2,000+ days. He has the longest winning streak in UFC history, and is a prominent reason why the sport became internationally popular. His last victory would’ve been against Nick Diaz at UFC 183, which was disputed after both fighters had failed their drug tests.

Age Taking Affect

This marks several consecutive losses for Anderson Silva, more than most UFC fighters are ever granted by Dana White. Uriah Hall was awarded three of the four rounds, with Anderson Silva being gifted the 1st round. Silva dropped drastically in speed & ferocity when the third bell rang, where Uriah Hall barraged Anderson with numerous body shots. When ending the 4th round by referee stoppage, Silva was seen holding onto the leg of referee Herb Dean.

After Hall was awarded victory of the competition, Anderson Silva would sit down for interviews. It shows that at 36, Silva doesn’t have the momentum & stamina required to compete in the UFC. It’s subsequently resulted in Silva confirming that UFC Vegas 12 was his last fight under Dana White’s leadership. However, Anderson hinted the possibility of moving to another league like Bellator MMA.

Dana White thinks Anderson Silva foolish for considering a future in professional MMA. The UFC President clarified that what Anderson accomplished throughout his career is legendary, but that it’ll be impossible for him to recapture that status in the future. Most MMA analysts would agree that an ageing Silva cannot sustain more damage in his career.