Premier League Breakdown for All 20 Teams

It’s widely known that you should never look at the Premier League table until the month of November. This has been the repeated aid for most managers in the Premier League. However, we are finally in November and it’s the perfect time to evaluate the top 15 football clubs to see where they rank.

Manchester City

Manchester City is looking better than ever and are capable of matching the 100 points from the previous season. It’s quite frightening to see that they are playing so well without the incredible Kevin De Bruyne.


Liverpool is certainly not as vibrant as they were in the previous season, but are certainly more effective. They remain undefeated in the 2018/19 season, while during the 2017/18 season they were already 12 points behind.


Chelsea is doing exceptionally well under their new club manager, Maurizio Sarri. However, the team is relying on Eden Hazard way too much and if he gets injured it might be the end of their incredible performance.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is currently impressing with the best away record in the Premier League. They are very skilled at winning ugly and are showing splendid firmness to stay at the top of their game.


There’s no denying that Unai Emery, the head coach of Arsenal, has been an instant hit among football fans. The squad is likely to score countless goals this season but their defending is nowhere near the same level it was in previous seasons.


Is it possible for Eddie Howe to lead his team into Europe? Callum Wilson deserves his call-up for England and David Brooks provided the attack a brand-new dimension.


Watford is a perfect mix of steel and silk, making a top-half finish very likely. The team managed to start the season with four consecutive win which greatly assisted their current standings.

Manchester United

They are already out of this season’s title race and frequently looks like dinosaurs on the pitch. Their performance against City perfectly indicates how far they have fallen.


Everton is looking much better under Marco Silva and Richarlison is certainly becoming the headline act for the team.

Leicester City

Everyone can sympathise with the sense of trauma and emotional strain this team has endured. However, the squad is way too good to fall into trouble.


The display against Arsenal and Manchester City perfectly symbolises an ambitious and gifted team.


Glenn Murray continues to score and Shane Duffy and Lewis Dunk keep things tight. Difficult team to beat at home.

West Ham

They looked sensational against Man Utd, but are a fitful, erratic team who make too many mistakes.


Two victories have managed to lift the mood of the team and Rafa Benitez has the ability to keep them afloat, but it won’t be easy work.


Starting in the Europa League qualifiers during July has managed to mess things up during the pre-season and it’s certainly showing.

NFL Coaches Who Are In Trouble in 2018

Winning Super Bowls is a sure fire way for a head coach to receive job security when it comes to the National Football League. However, when you string together a couple of disappointing seasons, that job security quickly evaporates.

This is the case for a few head coaches in the NFL who are currently sitting on the hot seat after eleven weeks in the 2018 NFL season. For some coaches, below-average performances and mediocrity got them in loads of trouble. Let’s take a closer look at the head coaches that are uncertain of their job security at the moment.

Green Bay Packers – Mike McCarthy

A playoff berth could obviously change McCarthy’s status, and he has managed to turn around NFL season before, so we obviously can’t rule that out. However, things could be different this time round. Even the locker room vibe gives this impression, where Randall Cobb, the veteran receiver for the Green Bay Packers, stated last week: “We lost matches before, but this feels much different.” The team has a 30.7% chance of reaching the playoffs this year, which is definitely something McCarthy needs to improve on for the rest of the 2018 NFL season.

Baltimore Ravens – John Harbaugh

The 2018 NFL season for the Baltimore Ravens is spiralling downward, with three successive losses, and John Harbaugh was already questioned about his job security at the halfway point of the 2018 season. If the Ravens are unable to reach the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season, there’s no doubt that Harbaugh will end his 11-year long run. Although, it might take more than a berth in the postseason to save Harbaugh’s job at the Ravens to be honest. We’ll need to see how things play out going forward.

Dallas Cowboys – Jason Garrett

Garret’s seat instantly cooled down after winning against Philadelphia, but if the Cowboys lose against Atlanta this weekend, the heat will surely increase more than before. Garrett is enjoying his eighth season in the NFL and only managed to reach the playoffs twice with one playoff win. Jerry Jones is convinced he has a talented, young team and wants to see results. Even if the Cowboys make it to the playoffs this season, it still doesn’t ensure that Garett will make a return in 2019. The Cowboys continuously alternate between losing and winning, which means the hot seat will increase in temperature until it’s sizzling.

Denver Broncos – Vance Joseph

The Broncos are playing hard, they push some of the best teams in the league to their limits, and they practice extremely well while each player fully supports Joseph. So, the Denver Broncos do everything they need to do except win at the moment. The team makes the worst mistakes at the worst times which greatly affects the matches. Joseph will undoubtedly be evaluated on the team’s win record as opposed to the team’s performance which, at the moment, doesn’t look very promising as the team only has two road wins under the belt.

Neymar Continues to Learn From Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Neymar has recently stated that Lionel Messi remains his “idol” to this day, despite calling recent reports “fake news” which stated that he wants to make a return to Barcelona. The Brazil international is currently in his second season with the renowned Paris Saint-Germain club and was targeted by Marseille fans who threw objects at the French champions after they claimed a 2-0 victory towards the end of October.

Neymar recently spoke to Players’ Tribune as a crossover interview that also included Stephen Curry, the basketball star of the Golden State Warriors. In the interview, Neymar discussed training and playing alongside Lionel Messi which was followed by praise for Christiano Ronaldo who is currently playing for Juventus.

Neymar’s Comments on Messi and Ronaldo

“I played with Lionel Messi for a while who is the greatest football players of all time for me and he is undeniably my idol when it comes to football,” he stated. “With Lionel Messi, I managed to learn every single day, whether it was playing with him or during practice, or simply just watching him play. It certainly made me stronger and it managed to increase my capacity while I’m on the field as a kept learning a great deal from him.

“As for Christiano Ronaldo, he is undoubtedly a monster on the field. Facing him is both an honour and a pleasure, but there’s no denying that we have to be much more prepared. He is also one of the best when it comes to football, so you need to be more alert and smarter while learning a great deal from him too.

“They are the two greatest football players that I can relate to, as I want to continue learning. This will help me win more matches, claim more trophies, and score a lot more goals. Therefore, I will continue to learn from them every single day.”

Neymar’s Most Difficult Moments in his Career

Neymar has recently released a comic book series of his own called “Inked” which showcases tattoos that come to life in order to fight crime as Dan Hajducky explained at New York Comic Con, and was also questioned about the most difficult moments in his career. The Brazilian football star listed his 2014 World Cup where he suffered a back injury as well as overcoming an injury that took place earlier in 2018 prior to the start of the Russian World Cup.

“The first difficult moment occurred when I injured my back,” Neymar stated. “I was on cloud nine as I played in a World Cup. It suddenly ended due to my injury. That was like the end of just about everything for me.

“I asked myself: ‘Will I ever return to the field?’ My friends and family were very important to me when it occurred and managed to help me overcome it. The second difficult moment occurred earlier in 2018 after I had my first surgery which was close to the Russian World Cup. I didn’t think I would be able to play at all.