Sergio Perez Signs with Red Bull Racing

Reporter Ted Kravitz had indicated Sergio Perez would receive a contract with Red Bull Racing for 2021 last week & since supporters have rallied behind the possibility. The morning of December 18th saw the official announcement made, with Red Bull Racing confirming Sergio Perez as their second driver for 2021. The report prompted questions regarding the future of Alex Albon, with RBR Team Boss Christian Horner ensuring that Albon will sustain his placement in Formula One as “Test & Reserve Driver” for Red Bull Racing. It’s a significant downgrade for Albon, who maintained his strongest performances towards this year’s seasons end.

Supporters of Formula One have reacted positively towards this announcement, believing Mexico’s Sergio Perez is more deserving of placement in Formula One than Alex Albon. Performances between the two drivers throughout 2020 were drastically different, with Sergio sustaining multiple podiums & one race victory. Albon would acquire one podium & regularly finding it challenging to maintain 10th position or lower. Numerous instances in 2020 saw Albon overtaken by Pierre Gasly, the man he’d replaced at Red Bull Racing. The poor performances shown continued to highlight that RBRs reserve drivers weren’t prepared to compete alongside Max Verstappen.

Red Bull Racing knows that Sergio Perez can rival Max Verstappen, meaning better opportunities at defeating Mercedes AMG-Petronas for the upcoming season. When Daniel Ricciardo left Red Bull Racing, Christian Horner immediately searched for another individual that could rival Verstappen. It’d take almost four seasons in Formula One for Horner to locate that racer.

Horner & Perez Reflect on the Contract

When questioned about removing Alex Albon from the position of the second driver, Christian Horner reflected by stating negotiations sustained longer timeframes than average & evaluating all the information acquired over 2020 wasn’t easily accomplished. After weeks of discussions, it’d be determined that Sergio Perez is the best option possible for rivalling Mercedes in 2021 & beyond.

Sergio Perez remarked his excitement first to F1 Reporters & then through Instagram, where he’d express that racing for a championship-contending outfit is something, he’s dreamed of for ten years. Perez noted it’d be a proud & adventurous moment stepping onto the grid with Red Bull Racing.