Vettel Says Goodbye to Charles Leclerc

The Formula One 2020 Season ended on December 13th, finalizing one of F1s most dramatic seasons in recent memory. Closing out this season meant six drivers saying goodbye to their teams. Romain Grosjean & Kevin Magnussen from Haas said their goodbyes, with Grosjean in Bahrain on November 26th because of his life-altering accident. Magnussen would say his goodbyes on December 13th, alongside Sergio Perez emotionally parting ways with Racing Point & Sebastian Vettel ending his five-year stint with Scuderia Ferrari. Daniel Ricciardo left Renault Racing in an uneventful & unemotional goodbye. However, sadness was evoked team-wide for the departing of Carlos Sainz from McLaren to Scuderia Ferrari.

Carlos Sainz is replacing Sebastian Vettel at Scuderia Ferrari, with the German Four-Time Champion moving to Aston Martin for 2021. An emotional goodbye was inevitable for Vettel, who was seen handing beers to engineers & team members. Helmet swaps were also initiated between Charles Leclerc, teammate to Sebastian Vettel since 2019. This moment will likely mark the highlight of their final weekend racing together, with the entirety of their relationship seeing dramatic results through 2019 & 2020. Notable instances including the two crashing in 2020, marking two consecutive DNFs in one race. That hadn’t happened for Scuderia Ferrari in decades.

Honoured Sentiments

Charles Leclerc honoured Sebastian Vettel at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where his design was resemblant of regular helmets issued by Vettel for each race. Both men wrote goodbye sentiments to each other, with Charles noting the influential information learned by Sebastian Vettel since becoming his teammate & that all the odds have been forgiven, that he’ll genuinely miss his partnership.

Heartfelt goodbyes were issued to Charles Leclerc by Sebastian Vettel, a man who’s fathered one child. Sentiments from Sebastian mentioned that Charles is the most talented driver he has witnessed in 15 Years of Formula One. He told Leclerc not to waste that potential, and to enjoy whatever he does with a smile. Seb would close-out his helmet goodbye to Charles by saying Thanks for Everything.