Kneeling at Formula One Explained

The Black Lives Matters Movement prompted Formula One’s exclusive African-European to demand equality throughout the motorsport. Most have agreed with Lewis Hamilton’s stance on Anti-Racism, with some like Bernie Ecclestone indicating otherwise. Most have moved on from the Ecclestone Era & Hamilton revoked his friendship with Bernie, a man who’ll be a father near Ninety Years of Age.

Anti-Racism Protocols have begun being issued throughout the Formula One Paddock. One recommendation the FIA has made to viable drivers is kneeling during the Austrian National Anthem, showing their support for the BLM Movement. This isn’t being forced onto the Formula One Grid & instead optional for drivers, with some competitors significantly disrespecting their nation by kneeling. One such competitor would be Daniil Kvyat from Russia.

The Austrian Grand Prix Weekend began on July 3rd, with Valtteri Bottas obtaining Pole Position for the Sunday race. Before Bottas could get 1st Position on the grid, himself & all other F1 Competitors delegated during a joint briefing, some drivers indicated their uncomfortableness with kneeling during the anthem, indicating that historical events have prompted this action to become disrespectful in their culture.

Romain Grosjean, one of three leaders in the Grand Prix Directors Association, clarified that multiple drivers wouldn’t participate in kneeling. Grosjean iterated that fifteen nationalities are supported in the Formula One community, surging a difference of opinion amongst certain groups. France is another nation that’s historically abolished the action of kneeling, meaning Esteban Ocon & Pierre Gasly might stand for the anthem. This could extend towards Romain Grosjean, who’s also French.

Hamilton Losing Grid Loyalty

Most anticipated that Lewis Hamilton would understand the predicaments of specific drivers from different nationalities. However, the reactions shown by the British-born Champion indicated a lack of understanding. Considering that Hamilton claims to be respectful of all nationalities, results confirmed by Lewis were that of a hypocrite. The only statement given by Hamilton over the briefing was, “We all spoke a bit during the drivers meeting”.

Lewis Hamilton should reconsider his anger towards Formula One & aggressive claims that they’re not an inclusive sport. Maintaining international motorsport with fifteen different nationalities, including Alex Albon from the Philippines, shows F1 is an inclusive sport. When accounting for the drivers in Formula Two, this point is made tenfold.