Honda F1 Talks Verstappen

Max Verstappen, one of the youngest and most formidable drivers in the Formula One Drivers Championship, is now being compared to Ayton Senna. This comes after Masashi Yamamoto spoke with reporters at Autosport Magazine. Here, the manufacturer began to praise the young athlete for his capabilities on and off the track. Yamamoto pointed to Senna’s Honda logo, which was placed in the same area for Verstappen because of their likeliness as drivers. This praise comes after Max acquired three podium victories for Honda Racing, marking their first wins in thirteen years in the sport.

This Austrian driver has set records similar to Gerhard Berger, one of the former top winners in the Honda F1 Racing history. However, there isn’t anybody that’s had more podiums for Honda than the outstanding Ayrton Senna. In his career, he won thirty-two Grand Prixs and earned three world titles in the process between 1987 to 92. All of these factors haven’t diminished the power Verstappen hold’s over Honda’s growth and he is quoted with being one of the most significant factors for Honda Racing in Formula One.

Yamamoto’s Comments

Yamamoto speaking with Autosport clarified that Verstappen might be young but maintains some of the best driving grid-wide. He noted that its similar to watching the Young Senna throughout his beginning days. Max pays the same respect to Honda Racing, remaining loyal with them and Red Bull Racing. Subsequently, there’s a good chance that he will be one of the few drivers to stay with the same team for upwards of ten years or longer. Honda Racing’s Yamamoto mentioned that the respect shown creates emotion amongst the engineers, making us want to create a more significant engine for him. However, Yamamoto made sure to clarify that all four drivers with Honda F1 Racing are essential to the program.

Since Honda Racing partnered with Red Bull in 2019, Max Verstappen has created an intense and close relationship with their brand. He indicated that the Austrian driver displays a significant passion for growing the research and development sector, which has made their relationship stronger within the last fourteen months. Yamamoto mentioned the thousands of people working at the Honda factory and how Max has gotten to know a large percentage of them. This included walking through the wind tunnel, where all employees lined up and received high fives from the infamous driver. It’s this commitment towards Honda that made them dedicated to F1 for the next four years going forward.

Lebron James Meets Terminally Ill Teenager

Millennials provided a special Christmas wish to Corey Groves, a 17-year-old teenager who is diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer. It’s in stage four with zero changes of remission, meaning the young man has less than a year to live. Corey’s final wish was to meet his favourite football player, Lebron James. This meeting took place on Christmas Day when the Lakers played against the Clippers.

Corey Groves is born and raised in Brampton, Ontario. This Canadian-Native received his wish after a YouTube organization by the name of NELK requested that their fans get onto Lebron’s social media and acquire the meeting. When Nav Bhatia, the Toronto Raptors biggest fan, heard of this news, he immediately used his connections to get Lebron’s attention. Though the NELK Boys started this charity campaign, it was ultimately Nav Bhatia that completed Corey’s wish. Corey Groves found out when Nav showed up to his home in Brampton, which is less than an hour away from Toronto, informing him of the positive news.

Local reporters from the Los Angeles Region spoke with Lebron James at this meeting. Dave McMenamin from ESPN Sports stated that Corey Groves met with Lebron and the remaining Lakers before the walkthrough. Reporters also spoke with Corey, asking him how he lived before the terrible news. He stated that before he became terminally ill, basketball was his main priority. However, Corey noted that this would be his last holiday, and then being able to shake his hero’s hand is the most incredible gift he could ask for under these circumstances.

The Groves Family mentioned that their child admires Lebron James for his talents on and off the court, noting that Corey looked up to this superstar as an icon for his work with first responders and underprivileged children. Numerous fans of Lebron James have praised the professional basketball player and provided their condolences to the Groves Family. Most celebrities don’t take these requests, opting to ignore the grief of others to live in their selfish lifestyles. Moments like these are embodied in time and won’t be forgotten by the Groves Family for generations to come.

The NELK Boys

This action of kindness from Lebron James wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of the Nelk Boys. These comedic group of pranksters and vloggers are infamous to committing criminal actions worldwide. This marked the first instance that they’d ever promoted something positive, instead of drugs or illegal behaviour. Media Outlets have purposely avoided giving these individuals their limelight, as helping their YouTube Page would mean the promotion of this illicit behaviour.

F1 has Biggest Attendance Volumes in History

Formula One is the world’s most popular motorsport, with an average of 25+ million watching every race worldwide. However, the attendance levels at their respective venues haven’t seen percentage increases until this year. The FIA confirmed that more than four million spectators had attended the 21+ Grand Prix’s available in their yearly calendar. This is a 1.75% increase from the previous year, even with the cancellation of the Japanese Grand Prix with Typhoon Hagibis. There was also a formidable percentage increase in Paddock Club Ticket Holders, which is the most expensive pass available for any venue. There was a 7.15% rise in Paddock Members, bringing the total to more than 80 thousand.

Three of the Grand Prix’s in this yearly calendar saw an increase of 50,000 spectators. The venues included Great Britain, Australia, and Mexico. Great Britain saw 351,000 attendees, and Mexico saw 345,694 guests to their Grand Prix. When looking at Australia, they had 324,100 individuals attend the Melbourne Grand Prix. These numbers are significantly higher than the attendees in Singapore, Belgium, the USA, Hungary, Italy, and Australia.

Additional Details

Singapore maintained 200 thousand guests, with Austria maintain 203 thousand. The United States had 268 thousand North Americans attend the event, with Belgium displays an attendance record of 251 thousand. Hungary also had an attendance record of 230 thousand, with Austria’s number depleting to 203 thousand. However, the Italian Grand Prix saw their highest weekend attendance to date with more than 200 Spectators.

The circuit that saw the highest increase in attended revenue was the Shanghai International Circuit, which saw a 30% increase in attendance records from 2018. These increased numbers came from the fact that Shanghai held the 1000th Grand Prix. It was a significant historical event for motorsports, which saw genuine fans come to the event from across the globe. The Managing Director of Commercial Operations for Formula One believes this is the best year that has ever occurred historically for the competition. The hope is that with new circuits coming in 2020, those attendance records will continue to grow. Those wanting to watch the Melbourne Grand Prix in 2020 have to wait until March.

Hamilton and Ferrari in Talks for 2021

The 2019 Formula One Champion, Lewis Hamilton, has been confirmed to be negotiating with Ferrari. This information comes directly from the Italian Motorsports Organization, who stated that their Chief Executive Officer met with the champion over lunch. The two of them had conversations regarding the potential of Hamilton joining, with Louis Carey Camilleri flattered with the prospect of his arrival. However, the team noted that these conversations are premature and that they’re looking into multiple options for the 2021 Season.

Lewis Hamilton hasn’t confirmed or denied that he has this meeting. However, Hamilton did specify that the lunch was a social gathering amongst multiple individuals in the F1 atmosphere. F1 Analysts believe that these conversations are more than premature, though and that Hamilton switching over is almost guaranteed. Ferrari has displayed their desire to have a veteran driver with a younger teammate. Removing Sebastian Vettel for Lewis Hamilton and keeping on Charles Leclerc would give the Italian Bulls a powerful alliance that could see significant championship points.

The Future

Hamilton has expressed multiple times that he will wait until Toto Wolff determines his fate with the team. However, Wolff has been privately offered the Formula One Chief Executive Role in 2021. Wolff leaving Mercedes AMG would immediately guarantee Hamilton’s arrival to Ferrari. Here, he would also have a running chance to defeat Michael Schumacher’s championship reign of seven titles. Hamilton receiving his eighth title under Ferrari would guarantee them the golden team once again in Formula One.

That being said, it leaves many wondering where Sebastian Vettel will drive for the 2021 Season. It’s known that his contract with the team ends after 2020 and that his working relationship with Charles Leclerc has been unsatisfactory. Subsequently, it’s more than likely that Vettel is losing his seat regardless of Hamilton’s position. Analysts suspect that Vettel will follow in the footstep of his former teammate Raikkonen, joining Alfa Romeo for his remaining seasons in F1. That would make it impossible for Vettel to gain a fifth championship title.

Charles Leclerc hasn’t officially been named the number one driver for Ferrari. Genuine fans of the sport know that behind closed doors, this is precisely Leclerc’s position with the Italian Bulls. He has more pole qualifying laps, first position podium placements, and fastest laps than Vettel. He is also the primary driver for Ferrari to win at Monza in decades, guarantying his position with the team for years to come.

Russia Banned from Olympics

International antidoping leaders concurred with one voice on Monday to eradicate Russia from worldwide sporting activities. This is consisting of following summer season’s Olympic games in Tokyo and extends to the next four years. This is the severest penalty yet linked to a years-long disloyalty plan that has tainted international sporting activity.

The Globe Anti-Doping Firm’s penalty implies that Russia’s anthem, name, and also flag will certainly not be permitted at the Tokyo Games. Though the sensible and affordable results might be minimal, Russian professional athletes not linked in doping might contend in the Olympics. This would include many other globe champions, yet just under a neutral flag. The company likewise disallowed Russian sporting activities as well as federal government authorities from the games and also restricted the nation from organizing worldwide occasions.

The relocation came four years after the initial information of the plan that came to a head at the 2014 Sochi Olympics were revealed, was hailed by WADA as a hard action though some antidoping leaders disagreed and examined their decision. Consisting of numerous professional athletes and teams, it exposes the opportunity that countless Russian professional athletes can show up in Tokyo. Equally, as they did at the Winter Season Olympics in South Korea in 2015. The choice won’t stop Russia’s efforts in participating with the 2020 Olympics. They will discourage efforts to uncover the recipients of a state-powered doping program, exceptional for its refinement as well as extent.

Russia Objects

Still, Russia is virtually specific to object to the choice. It remains to steadfastly refute most of the accusations, also after numerous independent examinations that have disclosed a welter of proof versus it. Russian authorities have 21 days to lodge a charm with the Swiss-based Court of Mediation for Sporting activity after the statement from the antidoping firm. This was assembled for a unique conference near the International Olympic Board’s head office in Lausanne. The Russian head of state, Dmitri Medvedev, motivated a charm, claiming that the antidoping company’s choice wanted to him like an extension of anti-Russian hysteria.

The WADA board consented to a collection of penalties outlined in a record from a committee led by the British attorney Jonathan Taylor that it obtained late last month. The charges consist of compelling Russian professional athletes that have not been linked in doping to contend at a 2nd successive Olympic Gamings in neutral attires. It will also require them to gather any medals they win without the raising of the country’s flag or the having fun of its anthem.

Dallas Cowboys Lose Thanksgiving Day Game

The black cloud that has fallen over the Dallas Cowboys wasn’t lifted over Thanksgiving Weekend. Dedicated fans to the sporting franchise were shocked and disappointed to see their cowboys lose against the Buffalo Bills by eleven points. This increases their losing streak to three consecutive games, with the team owner demanding that the team regain their capabilities. This win means that the Buffalo Bills have inched one step closer to the Superbowl, with the Dallas Cowboys stepping one foot behind.

The Dallas Cowboys have been hindered all season long for some unknown reason, with most sports analysts claiming that it’s the result of their head coach and his outdated tactics. The cowboys were in the process of winning on Thursday, starting strong throughout the first and second quarter.

Unfortunately, at the third and fourth quarters weighed in, the offensive began to march down the field at a slower pace. Even though Jason Witten and Dak Prescott were able to accomplish an eight-yard touchdown, the game quickly fell downhill for Dallas afterwards. It got so bad that the Bills achieved a garbage-time goal, bringing the score within a two-possession range. The Buffalo Bills accomplished two touchdowns with their head quarterback Josh Allen and Cole Beasley, who used to play for the Dallas Cowboy. Other notable players came when Devin Singletary and Josh Brown completed a 28-yard passing touchdown.

Dallas Failing

The Dallas Cowboys haven’t defeated any opposing team that’s coming off a series of wins, indicating that the lineup is quickly feeling the pressure this year. Somehow the Cowboys have remained at the top of the National Football Competitions East Coast Division, which means there is still a good chance that they can recover if the proper coaching techniques are implemented. Depending on how Jason Garret, the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys, responded to these losses will determine his future with the team. Additional problems that have faced the Dallas Cowboys recently include a horrendous loss to the New England Patriots.

Discussions regarding Jason Garret’s involvement the team have already begun. Sports analysts believe that Urban Meyer or Lincoln Riley are the two best choices for Garret’s replacement. Though neither one of these men has helmed a professional football team, they have acted as assisted coached and are known for keeping lineups in check. If Jason Garret cannot solve his coaching errors over the next two games, its almost guaranteed that his termination from the Cowboys will be finalized.

FIA Investigating Formula 1 Fuel Sensors

The Formula One 2019 Season is coming to an end, with rumours growing before the final race in Abu Dhabi. Since Ferrari’s dominance after the winter break, many teams, including Red Bull, have claimed that they tricked fuel-flow sensors into gaining their straight-line advantage. The FIA announced a month ago that they would begin creating new technical directives that clamp down on the fuel-flow of F1 Cars. They confirmed that all teams would be required to run a secondary sensor come the 2020 Season.

The first driver that mentioned his speculation over Ferrari was Max Verstappen. Afterwards, Red Bull went to the FIA with concerns regarding the legality of tricking fuel-flow sensors. Immediately, speculation began all over the grid, and by the United States Grand Prix, those straight-line speeds had disappeared. Though Ferrari hasn’t been penalized for their actions, it was confirmed that they had altered fuel sensors to increase the rate of fuel to the engine. This was accomplished by managing an electric interference through the sensors flow rate bypass. Since then, the FIA has announced new technical directives that state this practice is illegal and contradicts with the rules.

The directive wasn’t publicly announced until after the United States Grand Prix in Austin. However, fans knew that something was wrong when the pace dropped tenfold for Ferrari. Their speeds in Brazil were lower than previous circuits after the summer break as well. Many have taken this as confirmation that Italian Horses broke the rules, but Ferrari has denied these claims and noted that performance drops are from other numerous factors.

FIA Moves In

The governing body for Formula One has since confiscated two of Ferrari’s Fuel Systems and is then using another sensor from a separate team to correlate the data. This confiscation came right after Sebastien Vettel, and Charles Leclerc struck each other at Interlagos. The FIA confirmed that all secondary fuel-flow sensor systems managed next season will be exclusively controlled by the governing body. The last race in 2019 will be the final time that Formula 1 Teams have full control over their fuel-flow sensor systems. Subsequently, all teams will have to race at a more even playing field.

None of the teams has publicly come forward to talk about the new racing directives. Most of them are focusing on the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Any teams wanting to contest this directive will wait the new year in January.

2019 Formula One Season Boiling Up

Formula One’s Driver Championship ended in Austin at the Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix, with all eyes now looking towards Brazil. Red Bull and Ferrari are looking to win at the next two circuits. Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel now move forward to Brazil and Abu Dhabi for a third-place position in the 2019 Championship.

The battle between these three for third place is the real championship of 2019. It was well known that Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes would win the 2019 Season. It’s also anticipated that he will win the 2020 Season before the regulation and car changes in 2021. Afterwards, most expect that Hamilton would keep up with the new young blood in Formula 1 and be forced to retire.

The teams are focusing on these last two races for money. Depending on your position in the constructor’s standings, more money is paid out by Formula 1 towards the development on next years car. Right now, Red Bull is third in the standings and Ferrari is in second. However, this could change in Brazil with Charles Leclerc facing a 10-Place Grid penalty. Gaining pole position against Charles would immediately jump Max and Red Bull into the second standing position. Regardless, Interlagos Brazil is a senior circuit that is known for supporting the Italian Horses.

The Battles

Internally, there has been substantial competition between Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Mercedes placed first and second at Circuit of the Americas, with Valtteri Bottas winning the race from his teammate. Bottas now moves forward to Interlagos and Abu Dhabi for a second back-to-back win. This will be easier for the Finn, who can highlight on the fact that Toto Wolff won’t be at the upcoming race to assist Lewis Hamilton.

Ferrari and Red Bull have actively been battling one another for 19 Races. In the first half of the season, the Honda-powered Bulls were able to defeat Ferrari regularly. Unfortunately, new fuel mixtures enabled the Italian Horses to fight back after the summer break. Multiple races were won back to back, with Charles Leclerc taking the first win for Ferrari at Monza in decades. These two rival teams will fiercely compete with each other over the next two races, with Max and Charles are known for driving aggressively. There’s the chance we will see the two upcoming rivals touch each other or worse, place a DNF.

Barty Breaks $10 Million Barrier

Topping the ranks of women’s tennis for 2019 is Ashleigh Barty. Now, this tennis star cut another record when she smashed the $10 million prize money ceiling for the season. Barty earned herself a spot only shared by one other for having the most lucrative WTA Finals ever, as her on-court earnings slipped to an impressive $10.93 million.

The recent windfall in the Australian’s income just more than doubled her career earnings in only one season. This could increase even more if Barty manages to defeat Petra Kvitova and thus qualify for the semi-finals. If Barty makes it to the final four in the tournament, she will be sure of at least $1.45 million, and if she moves on to the finals and takes victory, the total value of her prize money stands at $5.98 million. Considering the odd scenario that she might lose during the semi-finals, the 23-year-old player will still depart back on her journey home from China with $890 000 in hand.

Holding Your Future in Your Hands

The results of the finals are very much in Barty’s own hands. That is also the way that she prefers it to be. Currently, the contest within the pool is still keen to compete for the finals, but the action plan for Barty to proceed to the desired position is rather evident. The Australian star needs to take Kvitova out of the run and then she’ll be in the top view of the Red Group.

This will secure that she advances to the semi-finals. Once again even if she loses, she might still be able to slip into the finals if she manages to snatch a set from Kvitova and Kiki Bertens manages to gain victory over Belinda Bencic in a total of three sets. This would be a much more complex scenario, yet still possible. When counting back the number of games won and lost by each of the competing players, this might gain her access to where she wants to be.

Barty vs Kvitova

Barty stated that every single time the two of them met on the court, it had been a challenging experience. She also noted that each time is different. Now playing in China, the condition would once again be changed. What she needs to do is to be able to find Kvitova’s strengths and eliminate their effect while working on her weakness and still stay true to her pattern of play. Barty also expressed that the two tennis forces do have tremendous respect for each other. She stated that Kvitova does have a way to bring out the best performance she has to deliver on the court.

Does Barty manages to proceed, she is bound to meet up with either Elina Svitolina, the titleholder, or the champion of Wimbledon Simona Halep or Karolína Plíšková, to secure the desired spot in the finals.

The link between Football and Dementia

The sports legends of the world give it they’re all while playing, both mentally as well as physically. This extreme devotion to the sport often takes its toll on their bodies and later on they have to pay the price with their health. This has just been proven once again as studies revealed that professional footballers stand a much higher chance of suffering from dementia as well as other neurological diseases than others.

The University of Glasgow’s Brain Injury Group has just completed a 22-month study which revealed that professional footballers have an increased likelihood of suffering from dementia or any other neurological severe disease later on in life, of three and a half times. They also revealed a risk increase of five times for Alzheimer’s and four times for motor neuron disease and twice for Parkinson’s. The causes of these finding, however, remains still uncertain and researchers couldn’t determine whether this is due to the heading of leather footballs, regular concussions or any other contributing factor. Further research funded by the Football Association will now continue to determine the contributing factors affecting the lives of these heroes.

No Changes

The Football Association stated that the study has been revealing. They mentioned that it used digitized data from NHS Scotland and compared the cause of death of 7 676 former professional male footballers born between 1900 and 1976 with the data of 23 000 people living ordinary lives. Yet the FA stated that this is not yet providing enough evidence to bring about any change to any aspect of the game. Still, Marc Bullingham, FA chief executive said that they would continuously monitor the situation and continually reassess all aspects of the game if any new evidence brings about new findings.

Over past years the Professional Footballers’ Association has been criticized for their slow response to the problem of dementia in former players. With the new research coming to light, family members of former players who have already passed away due to these diseases required an apology from the FA. One such player is Mike Sutton who formerly played for Norwich. Sutton’s son Chris Sutton stated that over the past decade the FA has been slow to give any response to the evident dementia problem among former players and now he wants an apology for this.

Another family expressing their shock regarding the situation is the family of Jeff Astle. Astle, the former striker to West Bromwich Albion, passed away in 2002 due to what was stated by the coroner as “industrial disease”. His career of heading heavy footballs at least partly caused this. They now said that they are shocked by how large the scale of the problem is.

These families will never get their loved ones back, but they do have some questions answered now and want the FA to show that they cared enough for their players to make the necessary changes to protect and support them.