Italian Grand Prix Facing Potential Cancellation

Additional cancellations to the Formula One 2020 Calendar are possible following an extreme outbreak of the coronavirus throughout Italy. Quarantine legislation was enacted last week throughout Italy, forcing the Northern Provinces to be shut down effective immediately. This comes after substantial concerns regarding the coronavirus throughout Italy, with them being the most affected nation across the European Union. They’ve experienced 5883 infections, with 233 individuals dying from the coronavirus. It prompted the Italian government to implement dramatic quarantine rules to limit outbreak exposure.

March 8th marked a significant date in the history books for Italy. They implemented the Draconian Quarantine Measures, which haven’t been engaged throughout Italy on this level since the Black Plague. One of the most prominent concerns for Formula One Supporters with this increased outbreak is the cancellation of the Monza Grand Prix. It also concerns for Ferrari, with their headquarters being located in the Quarantine Zone. The Pirelli headquarters are located in Milan and Lombardy, two other locations throughout Italy that are quarantined. This means that representatives from Pirelli and Ferrari can’t enter these provinces going forward, which would create substantial issues for all F1 Outfits in the coming months.

The Alpha Tauri Struggles Begin

Two unexpected drivers by the name of Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat are worried are their upcoming season. The Alpha Tauri F1 Team, which is having their first season throughout Formula One in 2020, has its headquarters located through the Italian province of Ravenna. This province is also under lockdown, which will impose similar issues that Ferrari and Pirelli are experiencing onto Alpha Tauri. Their launch season could be unmemorable. It should be noted that minimal exceptions will be made towards individuals wanting to enter these regions. It doesn’t matter if they’re connected with the Formula International Association, exceptions won’t be provided.

Most sporting analysts are concerned with the FIA and their refusal to terminate the season opener in Australia. Travelling supporters could cause a potential outbreak of the coronavirus throughout Australia. It should be noted that the Thailand Grand Prix, Bahrain Grand Prix and Chinese Grand Prix have already been cancelled or altered for the coronavirus. It’s unknown if the entire Formula One season will be terminated in the next several days, with most sporting analysts collectively agreeing this isn’t possible.