McLaren MCL35 Unveiled

Formula one outfits have begun releasing their liveries and updated cars for the upcoming 2020 season. The latest comes from McLaren after Ferrari, Mercedes, Hass, Renault and Red Bull. It’s expected that the remaining teams will publicly announce their upgrades before February 29th. When it applies to McLaren, their latest model is named the MCL35 and follows their historic colour schemes. The Papaya Orange & Dark Blue combination has been re-implemented since the 2017 season, with the 2020 model having noticeable changes. Matte finishes and alterations in the colour schemes layout have allowed for the MCL35 to look more aggressive than its predecessor.

This isn’t primarily because of the new colour scheme implementations, but the noticeable alterations to the MCL35s aerodynamics. The pinched rear is complemented with a narrow nose, which is extended to new layouts in the wings and chassis. McLaren believes that it’ll allow them to maximise on downforce in comparison to the competition. It should be noted that McLaren is the only outfit to alternate the physical design of their vehicles, with all previous unveilings looking identical to last years model.

Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz will take their respective vehicles towards the podium throughout 2020. Engineers with the program believe that their drivers won’t have a consistent opportunity to win until the 2023 season, with both Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris expressing otherwise. Sainz acquired the first podium for McLaren since 2014, which was accomplished with a car meant for mid-grid competition. The champion skillsets displayed by Sainz and the new downforce capabilities of the MCL35 could see McLaren acquire multiple podiums this season. However, just like with the Honda – Red Bull partnership in 2019, there’ll be team doubters until the goal is accomplished.

Lando Norris

Britain is infamous for providing the most iconic formula one drivers, with the most recent being Lando Norris. He’s become famous throughout social media communities for his young age, humorous behaviour and capability to perform with older champions like Sebastian Vettel. The dedication that Norris displays towards McLaren is incredible, with the driver moving less than three minutes from the McLaren F1 Factory. This means that Lando Norris is the only driver on the 2020 grid that lives near their constructor’s factory, with all others living in Monaco. Lando Norris stands at twenty-years-old, and there’s always the chance that he’ll move locations once becoming an adult. There’s still the point where you grow older and desire a more relaxing lifestyle.