Ricciardo on F1s Seasonal Return

Not every driver on the Formula One Grid has participated in the Virtual Grand Prix’s. They’ve instead selected to continue their regular training, allowing them to remain physically fit for the inevitable 2020 season. This includes Daniel Ricciardo, who has provided insight into how the first Grand Prix will be chaotic this year. The Australian driver noted that nobody had gotten in their cars since February, which was when F1 Competitors were permitted to compete in Winter Testing, which lasts one week. What this all means is that everyone will be rusty and not performing at their best.

Daniel Ricciardo made these remarks after Formula One announced that the 2020 Season would begin with back-to-back Grand Prix’s in Austria. These races will be held in early July, with the Australian Honey Badger expecting these venues to become chaotic. Multiple crashes could unfold, or drivers will spinout, with this being nearly unavoidable after not being familiar with their respective vehicles. Ricciardo also noted that every driver would be emotionally excited and eager to compete, including himself. This will create an occasional hiccup in their separate strategy for the Grand Prix. Though this will create lots of action for supporters, it’ll also create an unpredictable outcome for the F1 teams.

The Honey Badger mentioned that adrenaline would feel fresh for F1 Competitors, forcing some on the grid to make mistakes by trying bold overtakes in unexpected corners. It’ll be moments like this that prompt crashes and what Ricciardo expects to be an almost endless number of safety cars.

Horner Agrees

Surprisingly, Christian Horner agreed with the sentiments from Daniel Ricciardo. Horner was the former Team Principal for the Honey Badger, with both leaving on bad terms when Christian selected Max Verstappen over Daniel Riccardo.

Christian Horner mentioned that this is the longest time F1 Drivers haven’t competed in their lifetime, that it’ll prompt multiple issues because of delayed reactions. Horner believes this will be healthy for Formula One and create unexpected grids, with Christian not denying that there’ll be incidents prompting the safety car in July. It should be noted that it won’t take drivers like Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, and Daniel Ricciardo to reobtain their skillsets.