F1 2020 Scheduling Update

The Formula International Association is considering shortening race weekends with F1, limiting them to two days. Alterations to the regular season would include extending the 2020 Grand Prix’s into January. Drivers would be forced to begin the next season immediately after the championships were concluded. This information was provided through Mattia Binotto, the Team Leader for Ferrari F1.

The initial eight Grand Prix’s slated for the 2020 season have been postponed or terminated following the global Covid-19 Pandemic. The Chief Executive Officer behind Formula One has expressed that a 2020 championship will be held, with the seasonal alterations beginning this summer. There’ll be a maximum of fifteen to eighteen Grand Prix’s, which could provide enough championship points to conduct the 2020 F1 Season.

It should be noted that the inaugural Grand Prix for 2020 is expected to be the Canadian Grand Prix. Rapid changes in the Canadian ecosystem could prompt this GP to be cancelled as well, with Covid-19 rapidly spreading throughout Canada’s provinces. It’s not known how the two-day race weeks would be scheduled, with Mattia Binotto not providing extensive details. It’s suspected that three practice sessions would be held throughout Saturdays. Qualifying and Races would be held on Sundays. Mattia expects multiple meetings with the F1A & all other teams in Formula One before a decision is made.

The Interview

Mattia Binotto spoke with Sky Sports Italia from an enclosed location in Northern Italy. He expressed that Ferrari has had continuous conversations with the Formula International Association. All team principals have determined that Covid-19 is a crucial moment in Formula One’s history, with demands from supporters having to be met. This doesn’t mean that these team principals are forcing the FIA’s hand. Mattia noted that timetable-wise, they’ve provided the FIA complete freedom over the 2020 calendar. Binotto believes the safety of supporters is more important than the livelihood of Formula One. Before any decision can be made, logistical challenges for two-day weekends must be solved.

The minimum requirement for a 2020 Formula One Championship would be eight Grand Prix’s. Mattia noted that all F1 outfits have agreed to a January extension of the 2020 season. However, it’s been requested by Hass and Renault that the 2021 Season wouldn’t begin until March.