F1 Drivers Join Virtual Grand Prix Series

Supporters behind Formula One have something to look forward to with the announcement that an F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series will begin on March 22nd. This will include several drivers currently employed with F1 Teams, allowing for virtual races to be enjoyed while a large percentage of the community remains in self-isolation. This announcement follows after additional venues in the F1 Calendar were terminated, like the Monaco Grand Prix. Those wanting to watch these virtual races have multiple ways to witness the events, with the 1st location slated to be the Bahrain Grand Prix. All postponed or cancelled races on the Calendar will be replaced with virtual venues going forward. This is expected to be consistent until May or June.

The 1st race at Bahrain will host the several F1 Drivers, with some being announced and others unconfirmed. It’s known that Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris will be competing, with George Russel and Charles Leclerc suspected. It was confirmed on March 21st that Max Verstappen wouldn’t compete in the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series, even though he’s driven in this manner multiple times before. This venue is slated to begin at 4:00 PM-EST and will be broadcasted from the G-Infinity Esports Arena, with the drivers streaming from their respective homes in self-isolation.

Race Details

This series will be managed through “F1 2019” on Microsoft computers. This Codemasters-developed game will support 50% Race Length, meaning that twenty-eight laps will be driven during this broadcast. It’s expected that two or three races will be held during the 1 Hour & 30 Minutes broadcast schedule. This will include a qualifying period to ensure that grid positions are based on the driver’s respective skillsets.

It should be mentioned that the game setting will be specially configured to encourage entertaining and competitive racing. Cars will support equal performance with fixed setups. There’ll be reduced vehicle damage, optional traction control & variable anti-lock brakes available to the drivers as well. The F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix Series is for entertainment purposes, meaning that points won’t apply to the F1 Drivers or Collectors Championship. We’ll keep our readers informed on the outcome of these virtual races and any news regarding the F1 2020 Season.